Natural Hair and Pregnancy: What to expect with your Natural Hair

Hello Naturalistas,

How has the new year been? Hope it has been good to you. Last week we introduced the "Natural Hair and Pregnancy" series.

We hear so much about the "woes" that befall you in your first trimester, so much that alot of people don't believe there can be anything 'good' that comes with that time of the pregnancy.

Yes! One might experience the Nausea, Tiredness, Constipation, heartburn and all the other symptoms that come with growing a life inside you but there is also the good aspects and one is which is Hair Growth!!

What causes this change?

Pregnancy hormones most especially estrogen - The increase in estrogen level and the increase in blood circulation which carries more nutrients to your hair and nails are major reasons for this change. As much as the effect of these hormones vary per person, there is absolutely no guarantee that your hair will be better but majorly, Pregnancy affects Hair growth.

What is supposed to happen

During pregnancy, the hair grows but there is also very minimal hair loss. This translates to longer hair. What people don't know is that 3-6 months after delivery, the hair loss is waiting for you. Now, the key is enjoying this period while it lasts and also taking care of your hair enough to manage the hair loss that you are most likely to experience after the birth of the baby.

What really happens

Admist all the changes your body is going through due to the pregnancy, the hair becomes the last thing on one's mind and although, you notice that your hair is kinda flourishing you're sha happy and it makes you happy but it's still in the back seat. The when it's almost your due date you decide to make your hair to look good after the baby is born, I mean you don't want anyone taking your picture with your hair like that! Then you are hit with the massive hair loss after your delivery and you blame your baby for taking your hair...

Well, that's why we are going to look at your Hairtitude Next week! ;)

Any experienced mother in the house? What was your experience like? How did you notice during your pregnancy?


  1. oh oh.. so that's where my sister inlaw's edges went! hmmmm...

  2. I have never noticed any significant hair growth or hair loss during and after my pregnancy. Maybe it just doesn't apply to everyone.

  3. Definitely heard of growth during pregnancy and then post-partum shedding. My sister almost cried at the shedding

  4. Lol at blaming your baby for taking the hair. Where did the baby take the hair to?


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