Locs at Miss World

The biggest news that came out of the pageant world last month was Steve Harvey's epic mix-up of who won the Miss Universe pageant. But did you know there was a natural hair first in pageant-dom? Not natural hair in it's loose form, but LOCS! Yes, it was the very first time that a contestant at Miss World wore her dreadlocks.

Miss Jamaica, Sanneta Myrie, actually was the third runner up in the Miss World 2015 contest. She's a doctor, and likes to dance, calling herself the Dancing Doctor. Not only is she smart and beautiful, but she rocked her locs with pride!

All images are from the Miss World website.

I can't lie - for a quick second in December, I thought about going the loc'd route. I'm still thinking about it.

Have a lovely weekend!
Berry Dakara.


  1. Now I feel like locing also

  2. She looks so beautiful. Her locs are lovely.

  3. Stevie too pretty..and locks?
    So neat and beautiful.❤️ in

  4. Maybe the world is now becoming more open to Loc heads. If they are good enough for beauty pageants, I guess they are good enough for professional environments.

  5. she is pretty... her locs look too good to be true.. lol

  6. I love her locs!!! Would like to go that route but it's too permanent for me and I don't think I have the patience for the baby stages.

  7. She's too cute.. Love her locs!


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