4 Ways to Get the Best Out of Your Hair Supplements

Hi ladies!

Last week I talked about why you need omega fatty acids in your diet, which put me on a spin as to how to get the best out of your hair supplements. Whether you are on biotin, msm or the latest trending supplement for hair vitality and growth, you want to make sure you get your money's worth, cause trust they do take quite a bit from your pocket.

Healthy hair starts from the inside out. There is only so much deep conditioning, moisturising and sealing, avoiding heat and protective styling can do. You see the vitamins and minerals we take in are necessary for each part of our body. If your diet is poor, it's only the leftover nutrients which the more essential organs don't need that go to your hair, skin and nails. That is also why our hair and skin reflect how good our diet is *wink wink* Good quality hair is produced from a good quality diet. Sometimes the extra push for beautiful ( not just long...but BEAUTIFUL) hair is the nutritional factor. That's where a balanced diet comes in. However in this fast paced world, many of us have to be very intentional about eating right.

That is where supplements come in. Hair supplements are not a replacement for a good diet, but they do help give that extra kick in achieving lush strands. Here are 4 tips to get the best out of your hair supplements.

1. Eat a balanced diet
Still try to incorporate all the nutrients and water that you need. The surplus from your supplements will go straight to your hair for improved strength, lustre and yes growth!

2. Drink a lot of water
Drink as much water as possible to boost the circulation of nutrients to your hair. Drinking more water does actually contribute to softer hair and faster growth. I think having a glowing complexion would also be extra motivation to drink up.

3. Exercise
Shake a tail feather or two. Find exercises and activities that you enjoy to get your heart pumping. Great for circulation to get your hair the good stuff it needs pronto.

4. Protective style more and manipulate your hair less
Truth is majority of people take supplements because they want to see more length retention and not just for healthier tresses. Upping your protective styling, while reducing manipulation will ensure that your hair is not breaking off unnecessarily and length retention is maximised. It will also keep your hair in an overall better condition and relieve it of daily mechanical stress, wear and tear. I mean what a pity to grow healthy hair and have it all tattered and damaged just because you're not handling it well. A sure waste of your supplements!

So that is it. 4 ways to get the most of your hair supplements. Not just for growth, but for luscious healthy hair. *smile*

Are you getting the most out of your supplements?


  1. Very nice tips. I recently begun taking supplements like Omega Fatty Acids, Vitamin E and Vitamin C for healthier skin and to be healthy in general, I guess. No wonder I was drawn to your article because I really never felt that these supplements help the hair. Thanks for the tips.

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    1. Those are great for your hair too! Glad these were of help.

  2. I am not taking supplements but I increased my water intake since last Dec and tracking the changes, I have not noticed any change for my hair yet *fingers crossed*

  3. I started taking Biotin supplements but for my nails. I haven't bothered checking if it helps my hair. I do try to drink more water for my hair though.

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  4. Lol at shake a tail feather. I do all these sha, though I don't use supplements. Maybe I should start taking cod liver oil, for my health in general.


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