Easy Natural Hair Regimen for Toddlers

Easy Natural Hair Regimen for Toddlers African Naturalistas
Lil Sis as a toddler (Picture by DiscoveringNatural)

When my youngest daughter was a toddler, I was just newly getting into the natural hair world.  Here is a short glimpse into what I did to maintain her hair.

On wash day, if hair is very dirty, I can use a sulfate free shampoo to cleanse her hair. I made sure that the shampoo had great slip. What is slip? This means how slippery hair is when product is applied. If her hair is not super dirty, I cowash it (washing only with conditioner). If shampooing, I always follow up with a rinse out conditioner.

Post Wash
Once done with the wash process, I apply oil to the scalp such as olive oil, or olive oil mixed with castor oil for growth, and then massage scalp. Next, I apply oil to the hair, and then apply a leave in conditioner. To seal in the moisture, I apply a little bit of shea butter to the hair paying close attention to the ends of the hair.

Monthly Care
 Once a month, I use a deep conditioner on her hair.

During the Week Care
I  do the LOC method by spritzing her hair with water, apply oil, and then the leave in conditioner.

At night, I access her hair, if it needs to be moisturized, I do so. If not, I just put a bonnet on her hair. Sometimes, she might not want a bonnet, so I make sure to have her pillow covered with a satin pillowcase.

Here is her current Wash day routine:


  1. I noticed her hair was still wet when you applied the oil... or was it damp?

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. Nice regimen,toddlers are not the most accepting or patient persons,so a very simple regimen is in order.

  3. Yes, i usually apply the oil while her hair is wet. I have tried it while dry or damp, and did not get favorable results. Thanks for reading

  4. Thank you Discovering Natural.
    You do have a way with children hair. I wish I knew all this when my girl was much younger. It would have save us a lot of stressful wash days.

  5. Just thinking out loud. What if one had female triplets? It won't be funny at all o, to do all the hair maintenance.

    1. I do have an answer to that question. . Here it is https://youtu.be/bmEqjsZlL9g

  6. Lol African naturalistas,I can imagine.

  7. Might just start this routine myself


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