Yesterday was wash day for me and I was ready to give my hair the loving tender care it deserves but one treat was going to be missing, DEEP CONDITIONING!!
I ran out of deep conditioning pudding during my last wash and I forgot to get one, even though I made a mental note to do so. Deep conditioning is one of the most important step in a natural hair care regime, so,am not even going to think of skipping this step! So, I decided to DIY.
 Making your own homemade deep conditioning pudding is quiet easy and what goes into your hair would be solely your decision! just make sure you have the following in your mixture and you would be fine...

WATER : moisturises and strengthens hair.
MAYONNAISE: makes your hair stronger and gives shine
OILS : to lock in moisture
     a. Extra virgin olive oil - helps treat dandruff, dry hair and also adds shine.
     b. Jojoba oil - hydrates your hair from the inside,soothes the scalp and adds volume to thinning hair..
    c. Coconut oil - helps lock in moisture and prevents hair loss. Leaves your hair strong and soft .
   d. Argan oil : leaves your hair softer,fights frizz,prevents split ends and helps hair growth.
SEALANT : makes sure the oil and moisture stays inside..
   a. Shea butter : it has great moisturising properties and also soothes irritated scalp

You can add one or more of the above ingredients, depending on what you want  or like for your hair.

: jago mayonnaise
: water
: argan oil
: honey
: extra virgin olive oil
: coconut oil
: Shea butter
: egg

I mixed a tablespoon of all my ingredients
Cowashed my hair
Sectioned my hair (real struggle) and I applied from root to tip
Covered with shower cap and go about my business
I rinsed out after 30 minutes..

What do you use for your DIY deep conditioners? Please,let us know in the comment section....

Your questions and feedbacks
Are highly appreciated
So, see you at the comment section!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes o,but you can see no ice cream

  2. mix mix im not sure if i want to try this im too lazy

    1. I second you on this,by the time I even work my mind around it,ill just skip the whole wash day.

    2. That is why I just use bentonite clay and then deep conditions

  3. I don't do DIY DCs anymore. Oh wait, the last thing I tried was a protein treatment - I wasn't a fan.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Same here,Berry,Did a protein DC,and it left me just staring at my hair,wondering how it got to that point.

  4. This is nice but ain't nobody got time for that*in Tamar Braxton's voice*.Glad to see it worked for you,and this are also ingredients that one has just lying about the house,If I ever run out of deep conditioner.....

  5. I simply mix several oils,aloe Vera gel with my herbal essences conditioner

  6. I love mixing.This looks like an amazing mix

  7. Bananas, oils, honey and a big ass scoop of my rinse out conditioner to thicken the mix.

  8. I do DIY DCs all the time but right now, I'm experimenting with Ayurvedic powders and clays.


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