Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 130

I was at my sister’s house this weekend, basically cuddling my nephew the whole day. The guy is still shacking my head, and I have not finished taking application for his future wives and girlfriends. I still need more.

I discovered something today. As I was cuddling up and kissing David, Boma showed up with some of her hair accessories, and asked me to make her hair. I took a good look at her hair, and it has been well done by my sister. I pointed it out to her, but she kept insisting, so I waited a while for David to sleep, and started designing Boma’s hair with hair accessories, internally grumbling that she drew me out of my comfort zone. Boma is my first love, so she still has that special space in my heart.

As soon as I was done accessorising Boma’s hair, David woke up, so I resumed my cuddling, thanking God for the perfect timing. The next thing I heard was

“Aunty Anna, please can you loose my hair and do it again?” Boma was pulling the hand I was using to carry David.

“But I just made it.” I protested.

“You didn’t make it. You just put something on it. The hair is not fine. Loose it, and let’s do it again.”

I started looking at this girl, wondering what was wrong. At a point during the protest, I thought she was developing mental issues, and I didn’t know how I would let my sister know. How could she say we should loose the hair we just made?

So I put my feet down, and she eventually went away to some place to sulk, leaving me with David.
About 10 minutes later, she came back, aggressively pulling my hands this time.

“Aunt Anna, come, come. Let us go and play outside.” She pulled so hard, I almost dropped David on the floor.

A Little Angry
I started wondering what was wrong with Boma, why she was acting weird and unusual when it suddenly occurred to me.

She was jealous of her brother!!!

My heart suddenly smote me. In all the running up and down, felicitations of a new born, kisses and cuddles David has been receiving, Boma had probably been getting the short end of the stick. And to make it worse, her ever-loving aunty Anna also has been ignoring her, and she was looking for any means possible to reverse the situation.

I have heard of children being jealous of their new born siblings, and sometimes even to the point of hatred, but I had never witnessed it.

I don’t live with my sister, so I can’t assess how much attention Boma has been receiving or not receiving, but I made a point to discuss it with my sister. Knowing my sister well, I’m sure she wouldn’t have noticed the jealousy.

I eventually placed David in his crib, whom I must admit didn’t need so much cuddling and pacifying because he’s such a gentle child. I then faced Boma, and just played with her, giving her all the attention she needed. It was obvious she had been starved.

So with that, I am not taking application for my 3 year old niece. I have been guilty of collecting for my nephew and ignoring her. So I am taking application from mothers who have sons between 5 and 10 years old.

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  1. Lool aww Boma. I understand her plight tho (as a former only child, once upon a time, I'm an expert on these issues)

  2. Btw, would have recommended my baby brother who's 5 but he's taken. In fact he's juggling a lot.

    1. Loooll. He must have serious swags then. I guess it is his loss.

  3. Aww, that's so sweet and sad at the same time. its not just kids that get that way adults also. Its a pity I have no one to and to apply, have a nephew but he's overtaken sef.

    1. All of you with overbooked brothers and nephews, I hope they don't playas in future, lol.

  4. Lool same thing happened to me, my mum said mynelder brother pushed me out of my crib cos he was wondering what I was

  5. But u sef shey u will not let the small boy be

  6. Poor Boma.You all forgot about her

  7. Lol at taking applications for Boma as well, I felt bad for her, it is good you gave her the attention she craved.


  8. Yikes. I'm starting to reevaluate the reason why my older brother and I still can't get along. Can this jealousy thing be carried into adulthood. Thank God you noticed. *pssst* I have the perfect candidate for Boma. Pre-scholar with the making of a businessman. He sells crayons and paper and teaches the other kids how to colour inside the lines for one Lego per hour.

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni

    1. If it goes inot adulthood, then that's something else. Boma's case is just common toddler jealousy due to lack of attention.

      Wow, your candidate is really strong o. At that age? Already thinking that way? Wowwww.


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