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Hi Naturalistas,
Meet Esther Tom and her lovely mane


Her name is Esther Otomi. A Nigerian from Delta state, lover of art and Rock 'n Roll, poetry, and all things Citrus! She's also a photographer, an M.A. student of Media studies, an aspiring academic Doctor and most recently, a professional natural hair stylist and owner of Game of 'FROs Natural Hair Hub, Calabar.

For her, going natural was by accident. In her own words 'Natural hair for me started by accident. I've been big chopping my whole life (oh and I didn't know it as "big chop"). I experienced numerous scalp burns and then after my NYSC, I did one last chop, 5th of june 2013 and I let the hair be.'

Her favourite products and accesories are African Pride Dream Kids Leave in Conditioner, Virgin Hair Fertilizer, Shea butter and Booby pins (a lot of them).
Don't you just love the colour

Her go-to style is a Roll, Tuck and Pin or High Puff.
I love this...gosh

Her advice to those contemplating to go natural - don't sit and expect people to spoon feed you on what and what not to do or by. Google and YouTube are about the best resource archives you can get. Research and experiment. What works for A may not work for B.

Don't you just love how she styles her hair.
She was featured sometime last year on Mane matters. Read up here and don't forget to leave a comment

You can find her here

Facebook : 'esther Tom
Instagram: @game_of_FROs

Have a wonderful day.

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  1. Yeah! She is so cool.
    I visited her hub and was really impress with how she handled my mane.
    I came out looking real beautiful.

  2. She styles her hair so well and I love the thickness and color of her hair.

  3. can she please state how and what dye she uses, and also the up keep

    1. Yes o.And is this professional dying?

  4. I love love that red hair color...please is it henna?

  5. Sigh. Her hair is everything!

  6. She's one of the most creative naturalistas I have seen, and her hair has come a long way.

  7. Lovely mane and I envy her styling ability...I suck at styling my hair lol

  8. My hair is jealous of her hair.

  9. Wow,I saved the pictures before reading through sef.Lovely mane.

  10. Do not think that is henna tho,depending on the shade of one's hair,but for brown shades especially darker ones henna only leaves a slight red which is visible under direct sunlight.
    So as Oreoluwa said,she should come and tell us o,so we can book

  11. ABBA father, when will I finally dye my hair na.
    I need courage.
    Thank you. Amin

  12. I love her hair colour!.Her hair is so healthy!

  13. YES! she ticks every single box of natural hair awesomeness. And her makeup game is airtight too. Respect abeg

  14. Wow wow wow look at this beautiful crown! I defo need to check out her website!


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