10 Times Yagazie Emezi's Natural Hair Gave Us Major Goals

Hello everyone!

The other day, I was watching Yagazie's latest video on Youtube and I was literally distracted by her hair. The way it was all bouncy moving in different directions. In my head, I was like #Hair Goals. So, I went in search for photos of her hair and decided to dedicate a post to it.

Apparently, she has been natural all her life and one thing is certain, she loves her afro! It has become an identity of sorts.The number of times she rocked alternative styles are few and far between so it was a tad difficult to find photos except for her signature waist length yarn braids.

Alright, enough talking. Let's see some photos.

1. The time when her hair was in a world of its own.

2. These signature yarn braids are basically everything!

3. The one time she styled her hair differently

4. Cornrows never looked so desirable.

5. Oh so afrocentric!

6. HAIR!

7. About that head-wrap life.

8. How can anyone looks so good?

9. Bunning it with the sister 

10. Aha!

Phew! So much hair!

What do you think about Yagazie's hair? Goals or nah?

Love,curls and coils

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  1. See me see hair.
    We shall get there Amin.

  2. Definitely goals.Hearing of her for the first time,but definitely goals.Lemme consult YouTube.

  3. wow....dats so kul....rili luv d hair

  4. jisox.....my mouth's on d floor...

  5. I have been a follower of yagazie since a year ago,year ago.I love her cartoon illustrations also

  6. I was with her at She Leads Africa, and all the time, never knew she was the one, until she told me her name. Berry, where is the picture you took of me and Yagazie?

  7. Her hair is on another level.

  8. Her hair and style are really great :D

  9. I am obsessed with her almost. She is just too cool for school!

    Nigerian and Natural

  10. I like how comfortable her hair game is and how she can have fun with it!


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