Tutorial: Simple Bun On 4C Natural Hair

Hello everyone!

The bun is a classic hairstyle that can be worn on any occasion. The thing is, your hair has to get to a certain length - a bit above the afro puff - in order to be bunned...literally.

This week, I'm sharing a tutorial from our fellow naturalista and vlogger, Sisi Yemmie. She basically shows us how to achieve an easy classic bun on the 4c natural hair. I think this works on either 4b or 4c.

So, watch. learn and recreate!

Love,knots and kinks


  1. I'll definitely try this out since my hair can be pulled into a puff comfortably.

  2. Very Beautiful and Elegant!

  3. Nice but my hair can't bend like that

    1. Just wait a bit. Let your hair grow out do you don't stress your edges.

  4. So lovely I will surely try it

  5. I miss putting my hair in a bun :(

    But I like to use gel to slick my edges down and after using gel more than twice a week I start feeling like it's not doing my hair any good.

  6. You can alternate regular gel with aloe vera gel. It gives a decent hold too.


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