Demystifying Cholesterol Conditioner: What, Why and How?

Hello, Hello Ladies!

Today I want to demystify a popular conditioner of choice, that has a lot of us puzzled as to what it's function really is. I'm talking about cholesterol. Now depending on what blog  or forum you would go to, cholesterol has been classified as a protein or moisturising conditioner which is really confusing for the rest of us. 

So I decided to conduct some research and get down to the nitty-gritty of what cholesterol really is.

What is cholesterol?
Cholesterol is basically a lipoprotein which is a mixture rich in lipids (fats) and contains a bit of protein. In short cholesterol is a fat. Majority of cholesterol products on the markets are rich in fat.

Why is cholesterol necessary for your hair?
Your hair is composed majorly of protein (keratin), but also consists of water, hair pigments and lipids. Lipids consist mainly of cholesterol esters, free fatty acids, cholesterol, ceramides, and cholesterol sulphate. These lipids maintain the shine, luster and softness of your hair. So if these are lacking in your hair, it will result in dry, brittle and hard tresses. A cholesterol treatment thus functions to restore these lipids,  and repair dry and damaged hair, making it soft, shiny, and lustrous. 

So when do I need to use cholesterol?
You need cholesterol: 
-when you suffer from dry, brittle hair; 
-after heat styling;
-when you have colour treated hair;
-and when you want to restore the shine and lustre to your tresses
In short cholesterol acts as a moisturising conditioner for your mane and repairs damage.

Are all cholesterols on the market strictly moisturising?
In general cholesterol treatments are supposed to be moisturising. However some brand manufacturers may add protein ingredients to their cholesterol treatments in order to enhance the product. My advice is to check the ingredients list. If you see keratin, collagen, silk amino acids, and other protein ingredients, that cholesterol is not moisturising, but may be a balanced conditioner. However there are two strictly moisturising cholesterols out there on the market that I know of. These are Queen Helene Cholesterol and Dark 'n Lovely Ultra Cholesterol.  The Dark 'n Lovely has become a staple in my current 2015 products arsenal for moisturising conditioners. Ladies using the Queen Helene also attest to its moisturising properties.

How do I use it?
Well you can follow the instructions on the container. Nonetheless, keeping it in for 30 minutes to an hour would be ideal for optimum absorption. Using heat to condition with it will also greatly enhance its effects.

Do you incorporate cholesterol in your regimen?


  1. Such an enlightening post.

    I actually use Queen Helene Cholesterol Conditioning Cream and it's great. I think it's more of a balancing conditioner with elements of protein in it as my hair isn't particularly super soft after application.

    Which reminds me, I need to buy another tub.

    Effective and pocket friendly!

  2. Thank you so much for this post. Am in the league of those who have been a tad confused about cholesterol use on hair.
    Will give it a try now.

  3. This is insightful.i use the Vitale hair mayonnaise and i love it,strengthens the hair gently but always leaves it soft.If only it didn't leave those annoying flakes behind.

    1. Those flakes!!! Ugh!!! But the aftermath effect and smell I love, love, love! Didn't even know it was cholesterol-based. Can be used to deep condtion shey?

  4. I've used the Dark and Lovely and it works great!!!

  5. Never used either of these as I thought they were protein-based conditioners like vitale which just leaves my hair dry and brittle (more brittle than usual anyway). Because of this review, I'm willing to try Queen Helene.

  6. Never used either of these as I thought they were protein-based conditioners like vitale which just leaves my hair dry and brittle (more brittle than usual anyway). Because of this review, I'm willing to try Queen Helene.

    1. It probably makes your hair hard because its a protein treatment , you should follow up a protein treatment with a moisture deep conditioning.

  7. Yeah have made it more eye-opening for people. I just do what works for my hair.

  8. Never considered this all I have done is protein

  9. I have never heard of this before oh. It's time for me to come out of my hole, will def look out for it.

  10. Thanks for the 'demystification'. All these cholesterol tags can be confusing. I used Organics tea tree cholesterol, it did nothing for my hair.

  11. This has cleared up a lot of doubts about these two products and their protein content.

  12. Ahn! Now I know better.
    Thanks for the review.

  13. During my Permed Days,this was my Staple Conditioner!Have never really used it again now that am Natural!Might try it out sometime!


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