AN Hairline Challenge: Time to get your Natural Hair line back

Hello Naturalistas, 

Guess who is back? Yay Me! Did you miss me? I am guessing you now know my reason for being away. It feels good to be back and I am bringing you something exciting to help you on your natural hair journey. 

Hair Challenges!!!!!!! We saw Irene's Journey on the Coconut Oil Challenge and decided that it would be a great idea to involve YOU!!!!!


The idea of the challenge is to 'challenge' (Trust me, I tried to find a synonym but it just didn't werk) us to treat our hair better to achieve our hair goals. It's going to be really as simple as it can be. We would have a set of rules to follow for a certain time frame and as many as are interested will indicate  their interest to follow us on this journey and tag African Naturalistas to track your progress weekly on any of our social media platforms and use the #ANChallenge and at the end of the challenge you send an email to us with your before and after pictures and we will do final recap and on to the next one. 

We would be running more challenges as time goes on but first of all, Let's save our hair lines!!! 

I personally think this is a major challenge. A lot of people complain about their edges and on this blog we have dealt severally with tips to help regrow your edges. The tips we have put out overtime will be our guiding rules for this challenge. 

Duration: 2 Months
Products needed: Castor Oil & Coconut Oil

Guiding rules;
  • No Extensions - We need to let the hair breathe from all the pulling and tugging.
  • No tight satin bonnet or scarfs around the edges - Use either your satin pillow case or wear the bonnet abit lower towards your forehead. 
  • Ease on caps, turbans, hats that rub harshly on your edges.
  • Very minimal or no manipulation. (I know that's pushing it a bit far) Lol
  • Wash up any make-up on your edges. 
  • Apply the mixture of Coconut oil & Castor oil or either of them every night. 
  • Moisturize Daily.
Reward after the Challenge; African Naturalistas Coconut Oil and Jojoba Oil goes to the winner of the challenge, which will be determined by the AN Team. 

If you are interested just indicate in the comment section, send an email to with your before picture so we can do a weekly update. You can also drop your images using #ANChallenge on any of our social media platforms so other people in the community can see your progress; On twitter here, On the facebook discussion forum here and finally on Instagram here and at the end we do a final recap for those of us that will get to the end! 
Who else is excited? 
Your challenge starts NOW!!!! Let's get our hairlines back! 


  1. ghen ghen.. can we use only coconut oil ?

    1. Hmm, I want to believe you can do that. Anyway, Tomi has the final say.

    2. Yes. I have updated the post to clarify.

  2. When I read no extensions my eyes wanted to pop out of my head! This no be wash this nah true. My wig is like my silent bff. None the less I will join! I need to get some coconut oil. oya let go. appy growing :D

    1. Wig is better now. So far you don't have any extensions tugging at your edges. The idea is to let it REST and have room to grow

  3. Hmm, time to get my 'mean judge' mode on.

  4. Kai,coconut and castor oil finished last month o.Need to do this,though,been neglecting my edges.

    1. Oya go to the AN store and buy o. let's get this edges back.

  5. Just what i need right now,i am so in.

  6. Who missed you? Me!!!!
    I wondered and I know. lol

    Aha! Maybe that coconut oil I recently bought is for a time like this.. I shall be joining from the side lines tho, since am currently in a protective style.

  7. This is a great idea!Am all over it!

  8. Replies
    1. NOOOO!!!!! :P or just bribe the rest of the team :p

  9. Am still on my protective style.
    Guess I have to wait for the next challenge.

  10. Dont have any bald edges for now. Mayb after my ghana braids lol

  11. Having bad edges,im so in.Hope I win


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