African Naturalistas Hair Clinic goes Online!!!

We have good news for all our readers. After the extremely long wait, caused by incompetent web designers....

African Naturalistas Hair Clinic Website is now ready. You can check it out at or by clicking here

You can now book all your appointments to see the Trichology practitioner online. 

Our current services include
  • High Frequency Treatement
  • Indepth Scientific Consultation
  • Personalised Hair Regimen Development
The details of these services and what they entail are on the website, and once you pick a date on the booking calendar, the prices for all the services come up.

We will be introducing more services in the hair clinic before November is over, by the grace of God. But in the mean time, don't forget that we treat/manage over 50 hair shaft and scalp disorders.

There are three ways you can book your appointment to see the trichology practitioner

Click here to my your booking (my most preferred)
Send an email to
Call 08091377699 

I know many of you have healthy hair and scalp, but we all know that one person whose hair needs professional medical help, please send that person to us, by telling them to call us or visit our website on You just might be saving someone else's self esteem or even life.

Don't wait for tomorrow when you can do it today. Visit our Hair Clinic online now. 

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  1. Welcome development.Also know a few people with hair/scalp issues.A trichologist is really needed this side of the world.

  2. I wish this was in Abuja , is there a place in Abuja like this I have a frnd who needs this

    1. Aww. Just tell your friend about us, so she can contact us whenever she comes to Lagos.

    2. i told her oh she said she will. thanks

  3. Nice one.
    You are def setting the pace.

  4. This is a laudable project.
    Thumbs up African Naturalistas


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