Grow Natural Hair : Length or Volume

Hey y'all!

If you're like most naturals, chances are that you're constantly googling phrases like "grow your natural hair," "how to retain length," "length retention tips," and so on. I'm half the same way, in that, yes I want my hair to grow, but seeing as it takes forever and ever for it to grow (blame my less than stellar discipline to stick to a regimen), I don't bother my head too much about it. These days I'm more worried about my edges, but that's a different story for another day.

Anyways, in your quest for growing your natural hair, most of you are probably looking at length checks. Hair is supposed to grow about half an inch a month, so people go on year long length-retention challenges. Everyone's trying to go from TWA status to Waist Length and all that.
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But what about volume checks? Huh? What the heck is Berry on about now? Well, hear me out. I came across Igbo Curls, who's a Nigerian natural hair blogger and if you see her volume checks, you'll probably dig a hole in the middle of the road and bury yourself, because DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG!!!! Should I show you her photos? Are you sure? Do you promise to leave a comment? Okay, I'll show her photos (please note, if you don't plan to comment, stop reading right now).
african naturalistas, volume check, grow natural hair, length retention
Do you see what I mean? She has length AND volume growth down pat. All I want to know is "Dear God, when will I have a big a$$ fro too?" Actually, I'm not sure if it's possible because I'm beginning to think my hair might be closer to fine than coarse these days.

Have a nice weekend!!!
Berry Dakara.


  1. Ok, so this is the reality. Your hair cannot grow in length without increasing in volume. Not possible. And also, we are all born with a certain amount of hair follicles on our scalp and body. It cannot reduce or increase, no matter how long or healthy our hair is, but it can definitely damage or close up due to different kinds of alopecia.

    Also, there's a metric for measuring length. What is the metric for measuring hair volume? Volumometer? Lol. Or is it as far as your eyes can see? Length is objective, while volume is subjective.

    In summary, no matter what we do, the diameter of our hair strands will remain the same, and the number of hair follicles will always be the same. So no, Volume check doesn't tell anything. It is just good for pictures and instagram, lol.

    1. I love hair science! Tackled that. Case closed.
      It is fantastic to look at though, that 'fro. I think the volume check is still a measure of length, just subjective as you said; and not exact like a length check. However, I feel like volume checks are practical for our kind of hair that just gets big and doesn't flow down- ie when you don't want to manipulate your hair.
      A length check would require stretching or using heat.

    2. True Sandra, you have painted it in another light.

  2. Ewooooo!!! This is a head!!! Damn, this is abig big ass Afro!!!! Wooooosh!
    On the real, I don't think I want my hair to be that long or full.. Would have chopped it right off. My hair keeps getting fuller and I wish I could make it stop. The faces the hairdressers make, they charge me more and im still in the awkward stage.

  3. A girl can dream. Where is my volume I want to continue breaking combs? But I really don't know how to style my hair in its normal state. What are the ingredients for thicker hair?

  4. Haha! I love this post. I don't believe I'm only just seeing it. Thank you, Berry! I'll be following your journey.


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