Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 114

I am really sad. Tonya has finally gone back to her home in the United States. It’s such a pity that everything should end this way. Sola seems to have basically moved on with his life, and Tonya is doing her bit to put her life together. I’m sure she will be settling into something good very soon. I would really miss her to be honest. At least, I have someone to write me an invitation letter when I finally decide to apply for my American visa.

I remember when we first met at the NYSC camp, where she stuck out like a sore thumb. Her down-to-earth-ness was amazing, and I have never had cause to regret our companionship ever since.

When I went to her house to say my final goodbye, it was a very emotional episode where we oohed and ahhed. The atmosphere eventually became light when she decided to change the topic of discussion to Felix.

“Guess who called me yesterday?” She suddenly started.

“Who?” I asked.

“Guess now. You don’t even want to stretch that brain of yours?”

“Ehmmm, Sola?” I asked, with a quizzical look.

“Which Sola? Guess again, lady.” She snapped.

“Who else would call if not Sola?”

“You dumbo.” She hit my head. “Is Sola the only person I met in Nigeria? Anyway, it is Felix.”

“Felixxxxxx?” I screamed. “That idiot. Why is he calling you? After all he did?” I said with bitterness, as if I was the one he hurt.

“Don’t mind him. He was going on and on about how he wants me back, how he’s sorry, and I should give him a second chance.”

“He’s not serious. Second chance my foot. You didn’t remind him that you still have the so-called ugly hair. Anyway, I am sure you told him it cannot work since you are leaving the country.”

“Anna, that’s where the twist comes in. He knows I’m travelling. He said he had been thinking about us coming back together, but had been dragging his feet. So when he heard that I was going back home, he decided that he must not lose me again. so he wants to get back with me, and we can start a long distance relationship, and then see where it leads.”

“Really, he’s an idiot raised to power five. Here's an applause of commendation for him."

Sarcastic Clap
"So what did you tell him, or you agreed?” I asked

“Hell no. I gave him some snappy reply, wished him well in life, and dropped the call.”

“Sharp girl.” I hi-fived her.

“There are just some things one cannot go into with open eyes again.”

“But I’m wondering how that nasty guy can come back after all he said to you. Or doesn’t he realise that you are still who you are, and he still wouldn’t be able to run his hands through your hair because it is ‘tangled’ in his words?” I said sarcastically.

“To be honest Anna, I am really baffled.”

“Wait o. Did you say that he heard that you are going back home before he called you?”

“Yeah, he did, though he said he couldn’t divulge his source of information.”

At that point, it hit me like a cold in sudden winter. “Wow, Felix is trying to play smart. Don’t you see it?”

“Hmm, no I don’t.”

“He doesn’t want you. He just wants to get back with you, probably marry you so you can file papers for him, and get him to be a legal residence of the States!”

The look on Anna’s face portrayed extreme shock and disappointment. “Really? Gosh, I have serious bad luck when it comes to Nigerian guys.” She said downcast.

I consoled her with a pat of the back. “Well, then it is a good thing you are leaving them behind and journeying to utopia.”

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