Introducing Trichology Corner with Atilola

Hi ladies. A big thank you to all who have shown support for our newly-opened hair clinic, African Naturalistas Hair Consult. We are immensely grateful. It has been fulfilling helping ladies to come out of the closet, and work through their hair and scalp disorders, and we know that there is more to come.

When we first mentioned the fact that we now have a trichology practitioner on this African Naturalistas team, we said that there will be new developments on the blog, due to the expansion.

We are very passionate about healthy hair, and love to work with people to achieve their goal of healthy hair. I, personally, can talk about hair for 24 hours non-stop.

With this passion and our trichology expertise, that is why we are introducing a new segment on this blog called TRICHOLOGY CORNER WITH ATILOLA!

Unlike other blog posts, it will be dealing purely with science of hair and scalps, disorders, symptoms, causes, etc. There will be no trials, errors, opinions, or anything subjective or subject to misinterpretations.

I already beaming with excitement at the thought of this. All things being equal, we will be bringing it to you every second Monday of the month, so watch out for next week Monday. It promises to be an exciting column.

Catch you all next week!

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