Ayurvedic Powders back on African Naturalistas Store

Hi Ladies,

You asked for it, and we listened to you. We had a few weeks of Herbal Party on African Naturalistas last year, and some people were not happy that it lasted so short, and the every single powder was snapped up in a number of weeks.

Well, we now have more herbs for you, even more options than presented last year. And yes, they still come in bigger sizes, so don't fret. You will use, use, and use, lol.

To be honest, I don't know how long the herbal season on African Naturalistas will last this time around, probably longer since we bought so much more this time. But if experience serves me well, I will ask that you order the ones you want now because they will be all gone before you can say "Ayurveda."

We have the following herbs in stock this season, all in powder except flaxseed and rosemary (dry leaves)

Orris root
Multani mitti/ Bentonite/ Fullers Earth
Aloe vera powder
Orange peel
Flaxseed Powder
Methi/ Fenugreek
Gulab/ Rose powder
Lemon powder
Winter cherry
Reetha/ Aritha/ Ritha
Holy basil/ Tulasi
Costus root
Henna/ Mehendi

So, you have been duly informed. Join the fun while it lasts, and don't take the last position on this train ride.

Place your order now, on our online store here.

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