Two Ways To Deep Condition Without A Steamer/Hooded Dryer

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Deep conditioning and heat are basically two peas in a pod. As one needs to be used with the other to achieve maximum results. The addition of heat helps with the thorough absorption of nutrients present in the deep conditioner. Heat can either be derived naturally via body heat or artificially via hooded dryers/steamers. But in the absence of time and hooded dryers, there are other ways to derive heat. Both involve the use of a towel.
The first method, involves placing the towel in the microwave for a few seconds after which you take it out and wrap it around your head or shower cap as the case may be. This way, the heat from the towel penetrates through the shower cap to aid faster deep conditioning.
In the absence of electricity supply, the second method comes in handy. This time, you place a face towel in a bowl, boil some water and pour it over it. Make sure the water saturates the towel and leave it for a few seconds. Then you carefully take out the towel and squeeze out the water. You might need to add some cold water so it doesn't scald you. After which, you place the towel on your head, under a shower cap and then wear another shower cap to capture the heat. This way, your hair will fully absorb the heat from the towel.
Depending on the type/brand of deep conditioner, you usually don't need more than 30-45 minutes for deep conditioning. So the subsequent coldness of the towel won't be a problem except you want to go double rounds.
So, does anyone use hooded dryers/steamers? Or have you tried any of the methods above? Or do you just settle for plain ol' body heat? Let me know!
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