Curl Centric Curly Kids Coloring Book

Hey everyone!

I'm so excited to share this post with you. As you know, natural hair is spreading all over the world, and right here in Africa, as it should be. A lot of us are making the decision to stop relaxing our hair and let our natural, curly, coily, kinky hair grow out and shine! Because of this, we're also seeing more mothers decide that they will not relax their children's hair. You can check out our posts on natural hair care for children here. While we're seeing more and more children with natural hair, there still isn't enough of a representation of their hair out there in the media. Yes, there's the odd movie with a natural hair kid, or one doll out of thousands that displays curls, but it's still merely a drop in the ocean.

That's why I'm excited to let you know that there's a new Coloring Book with over 30 images of characters with different hair textures, from TWAs to Twists to Locs, and more!

It's called Curly Kids Coloring Book. Akirashanti Byrd (who blogs at Curl Centric) came up with the idea when she decided she wanted her youngest daughter to have images that were relate-able to her.

From what I've seen, it would make a great gift to our daughters, nieces, godchildren and any young girls in our lives who need a positive boost! Not only does it allow them to be creative, but it also gives them characters that look like them.

You can order the book here - it's just $5.99. If you're in Nigeria and interested in getting the book, please say so in the comments, and I can arrange for some to be mailed here.

Have a lovely weekend!
Berry Dakara.

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  1. Berry, thank you so much for your contribution and support of the Curly Kids Coloring Book! Kira #BeCurlCentric


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