Hairspiration: The Puff With A Twist

Hello everyone!

For a while now, I've been scouting the Internet for new easy and simple styles as my go-to style is old. As the length of my hair increases, I'm trying to experiment with different styles at the different stages so it doesn't get monotonous.

During my search this week, I stumbled on this really easy and straightforward style and I thought I should share. (Keywords: easy go-to style that requires little or no effort.)

I particularly love this style because it is super cute and has this feminine feel to it. You know that there are some hairstyles that make you feel like a girl and this is one of them plus it takes less than five minutes to style. You don't need any special skill or styling product, just stretched hair and your fingers to cornrow or flat twist.

So, recreate away!

And btw, what do you think about hairspiration for go-to styles? Should it be a regular? Let me know in the comments.

Love, knots and kinks.

Image source: IG - frosandbeaus


  1. Replies
    1. Did I give the impression that I've recreated it? Not really.

  2. Itz lovely. I'm thinking of trying this as Linda in the previous post(mane matters) did something similar and it looks good.

  3. Should be a regular. This is cute

  4. Yes, it should be a regular.


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