Multani Mitti For Natural Hair

Hello everyone!

A few days ago, I took down my marley twists. Before then, I decided that I wanted a mud wash as a result of my current busy schedule. I didn't have time to go through the whole nine yards. All I wanted was for my hair to be cleansed and conditioned. So, I visited my local Indian store and grabbed a box of multani mitti.

As always, I decided to thoroughly research on the dos and don'ts as it was my first time and I wasn't quite familiar with it. After a few attempts, I noticed that the powder wasn't as popular - for natural hair - as I thought it would be or the people using it didn't talk about it. Either way, I took my chances. Not before consulting with an acquaintance of mine. After bombarding her with questions, I took the plunge. Yes, I must confess, I was a bit skeptical. I wanted to be sure I was doing it right.

But before then, some background knowledge;

Also known as Fuller's earth, multani mitti is a clay substance that's popular for its healing properties. Made from natural earth material, it's an excellent cleanser that has the ability of removing impurities without any adverse effect. (Translation -  It's as safe as it can possibly be). It helps remove dandruff and improve the overall condition of the hair. As it is a clay, it's absorbs oil and dirt without necessarily stripping it. Now, this is where it gets interesting. It is a natural cleanser so when used alone it will probably just clean the hair /scalp. But when mixed with other products, it serves as a base for a packed treatment. That's why I mixed mine with

- 1/4 of freshly made Aloe Vera Juice
- 2-3 caps of ACV
- 3 tsp of Honey
- 3 tsp of Coconut Oil
- 3 tsp of Sunflower Seed Oil

This way, I had a cleanser, conditioner and moisturizer all in one. I mixed everything into a paste, applied it on my hair, covered it and left it for an hour. After which, I rinsed out and applied the left overs of my face. Awesome face mask btw. Can I just say that I absolutely loved the results. My hair was cleansed, soft and shiny. I couldn't have asked for more. That result prompted me to stock up on Multani mitti which I would alternate with henna.

So, have you tried any other ayurvedic powder asides henna?

Love, kinks and knots


  1. You can like to oppress people enh!!! Madam Mixtress! The only one I've tried is the Rhassoul clay that I've mentioned in my posts.

  2. Nice. I have never tried any ayurvedic powder buh recently I thought of trying Henna. So maybe I'd get the multani mitti along wit it

  3. We used to have it on the African Naturalistas store. But like the other ayurvedic powders, they went off very quickly.

  4. I use this too mixed with all of thay good stuff as an all-in-one masque and I love how it makes my hair feel.

  5. I use amla and shikakai. I haven't tried henna since it stains a lot of things.
    Thanks for the review.


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