Love Letter from African Naturalistas to our Readers

I was in my room on Saturday night, trying to finish up my work for the weekend. It had been a busy day, as I had just gotten back from an event where I was the guest speaker. All I wanted was to just magically finish a 3 hour work in 3 minutes so I could just call it a night. All of a sudden, I started getting red marks on my phone indicating that something was happening on my twitter handle. I checked my own twitter handle, and saw nothing. I immediately concluded it was African naturalistas. The notifications were unusally many in a spate of minutes, and I wondered why. I immediately switched handles, and that was when I saw the reason.

African Naturalistas won the Best Beauty or Hair Blog of 2014 in the Nigerian Blog Awards!

I was totally shocked! I don’t know which was more shocking. The nomination or the winning. Till today, I am not sure how we ended up in the nomination list because we didn’t even call out for nominations. When the nomination list came out, we did a blog post, asking people to vote for us, and put up a badge on the blog, and message on the facebook group. We didn’t want to expend too much energy because we had to get back to the business of blogging, but I guess that was all it took for you all to come out rooting for us. My shock at the winning was because there were other great blogs nominated in our category.

I therefore want to thank everyone who voted for us. We are really grateful, and pledge to continue bringing solutions to your hair care issues. If you have any burning questions, don’t forget to use either the FAQ tab up there or the categories widget function on your lower right. You will be sure to find what you need.

A friend said this is the most consistent blog she knows, and we have been diligent for a long time. The truth is that as at this moment, there are six committed ladies dedicated to making sure you get all you need on this blog on a daily basis – yes, DAILY! And they do it purely for nothing but the love of healthy hair. You can click the African Naturalistas team tab up there or here to find out more about the brains behind this blog. They are the oils running this machine.

This blog has given birth to two full time businesses – a hair products business and a hair consultancy business, and we are grateful you all made it happen.

Once again, we thank our followers, readers, commenters, and every stakeholder of African Naturalistas. We will never take you for granted. The things we will do in future, you have no idea.

Love and kisses.


For the African Naturalistas Team


  1. Yes! for once, I see the NBA not bringing the same names from ALL the previous years! I am happy! Yay!! Congratulations to AN once again!!!

  2. congratulations!!!!! many more to come

  3. Congratulations all round!!! #proud!!!!

  4. yh... i nominated d blog... yay


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