Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 98

Finally took down my threads. It was fun while it lasted.

Things are getting better between Dimeji and I.  we are both making efforts at a better relationship.

I forgot to mention, but during the Easter break… on Easter Sunday to be exact, I actually went to the beach with Dimeji and his colleagues at work. I was quiet most of the time, and less playful due to the then-widening gap between Dimeji and I. I used the opportunity to observe my surroundings well.
I noticed a lot of families came to the beach, and most of them were middle income earners with young children. I kept taking in a lot of details, and later saw someone that shocked my eyes.

Madam Adams!

What? Madam Adams on the beach? My eyes must have been deceiving me! To make things more shocking, she had lost a bit of weight. Granted, she hadn’t become magically slim all of a sudden, she was nothing near the fat ministry madam I served under. And was that her hair looking healthy?
I was still squinting my eyes to see her from afar, to be sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me when I suddenly heard my name.

“Anna, se’wo niyen?" Anna, is that you? 

Wow, she had seen me. My eyes definitely weren’t deceiving me cos there was no way my ears were going to conspire with them.

I excused myself from Dimeji and his people, and walked up to Madam Adams, who met me half way. Her children were not as young as most of the kids there, and husband was far more good looking than I had pictured him to be – I always pictured a male looking version of Madam Adams, bald, fat, grey-headed, Ankara-wearing, short, stocky, and pot-bellied. The man I was looking at was nothing near that.  Maybe that is why Madam Adams was always frustrated and annoying – the fact that her husband looked way more attractive than her.

The most surprising part was her hair. She was on medium-sized twists that looked like dreads because of its length, and her edges were almost fully recovered! Irony of life! This was the same woman that used to insult my hair and twists by calling it mop hair, but is now a member of the mop hair cult, and even seems to be the president. Wonders shall never end.

“Anna, my daughter, how are you?”

“I’m fine ma. It has really been a while o.” I said.

“Is it not you that forgot us? You don’t want to come and greet us.” She said in her Yoruba accent, as I greeted her husband.

“It’s not like that o, Madam Adams.”

“Ehn, ehn, if it is not like that, so how is it?”

I just smiled.

“Anna, see my hair eeehhh.” She drawled the last word in a musical tone. “You can see it has grown.”

“Yes ma, I can see. You have come a long way o.” I was ashamed to say I didn’t give this woman a chance at healthy hair, just because of my payback desires.

“Yes o, Anna. They even call me mama natural in our block.”

“Youuuuu? Mama Natural? I couldn’t believe my ears.”

Colbert Jaw Drop
“Ehn now. Shebi I am now selling Ori, Adin Agbon, Adin dudu, and all those herbs for hair.” (Shea Butter, Coconut oil, palm kernel oil).

Oh ma gosh, Madam Adams is definitely the president of the cult.

“Madam Adams, I have to go now. My people are waiting for me.”

“Haa, you don’t want to play with me and my family. Okay, no problem. Make sure you come and greet us in the office o. I will even give you Ori at a small price if you come.”

I laughed out loud. “No problem ma.” I said my goodbye, hugged her and walked away. I began to wonder how it is always possible for the strongest natural hair bashers to always turn around and become the greatest natural hair advocates, or even sometimes Nazis, in the extreme cases. Wonders, indeed, shall never end.

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  1. Thought of Madam Adams last week. I wondered what she was up to (hair wise). Nice to see she is doing well


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