How to Wash Cornrows on Natural Hair | Speed Up Your Wash Day

By DiscoveringNatural

Can you guess, which side was washed?

 If you can't.. well, the two weeks ago style I on the left while the one I washed and redid is on the right.

 She had no build up because all the products we use are natural and also do not cause build up.

What did I do:

Co-wash Process
1. First saturated her hair with warm water (to open her hair cuticles) and rinsed her hair multiple times
2. Apply a generous amount of co-washing conditioner, we used V05 Clarifying Conditioner
3. Massaged her scalp and then applied to the length of her hair. Rinse
4. Repeated steps 2 and 3.

Deep Conditioning Process
1. Applied Deep Conditioner to her hair
2. Covered hair with plastic bag and thick cap
3. Leave on for an hour
4. Remove and Cool and Seal (15 mins) and rinse off with cold water to close her hair cuticle and give shine.

1. On the wet hair (40% dry), applied my oil mix and Leave In Conditioner
2. Let conditioner penetrate for about 30 mins
3. Going cornrow by cornrow, loosen the row, seal ends with whipped shea butter and then redid the cornrow.

That was it!

With this modification in our routine, her hair did not tangle up AT ALL!! She lost about 80% less hair.  Her hair was more in a stretched manner. See right picture above. You can see that the bangs area has more stretched. We also finished styling 30 mins earlier than originally done.

Let me know if you give this a try.

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  1. Wow. so neat. It doesn't even look like it was washed or water touched it.

  2. It has always worked well for me. I do it for my daughter every two weeks and re-do cornrow by cornrow. She carries same hair style for two weeks.

    1. That is so cool that this method works for you. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Please could you do a post on how to part/section Afro hair? I have been natural for a while now and I still find this a struggle!


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