Natural Hair Talk: Back to the Basics

Do you ever feel like there's an overload of information when it comes to natural hair care? All you need to do is Google "natural hair" and you get thousands and thousands of natural hair websites, forums, videos, pictures and more. There's this natural hair care regimen, that DIY treatment, another natural hair style tutorial. They tell you to wear one protective style only, or keep it in for only 1 week - some say 4 weeks; yet others say 3 months. It can get very tricky very quickly.

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Last weekend, I was complaining to someone that my hair is getting tangled so much these days - maybe because of the length, and because I've been wearing my hair in a puff since it's very easy. I complained that getting the hair untangled was difficult, and the hair was being unmanageable, and getting the hair stretched to sleep was giving me hassle. The person I was talking to said, "Oh I just spray my hair every other day for moisture and the hair is very easy to manage."

I'm ashamed to admit that I had completely forgotten this VERY BASIC step!!! As in, it's the most basic thing about natural hair care! This whole time I had been wondering if I need to do a Moisture Treatment, or try a Tea Rinse, or a Clay Treatment to help. I simply went to my room, got out my Spray Bottle and 20 minutes later, my hair and I were happy campers.

*I have to admit that I lost my 2 favorite spray bottles in the past few months, and I really don't like the new LARGE one I got in December, so I haven't been spraying my hair as regularly as I used to. All Spray Bottles are NOT created equal.*

What's the message here? We don't have to over-complicate things all the time. With all the jargon flying around, sometimes we just need to shut them out and go back to the basics with our hair care.

Have a nice weekend.
Berry Dakara.


  1. Very true o, I have discovered that one need nt go through much stress to hav good results.

  2. Yes o! Easy natural haircare is about the basics....and then you can play with the complicated if you wanna to spice things up.

  3. I think it was about a year ago or so that I told myself that life is too short to be doing 150,000 treatments on hair. I have been keeping things simple for a long while, and I intend for it to stay that way. I don't think God gave us hair to suffer on it, and spend half of our billable hours on it. Besides people still achieve length with doing a million treatments. They just stick to the basics.

  4. O boy! Thats so true.
    Spray bottle, leave in condish and hair butter.


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