3 Ways to Get Shiny Natural Hair

Due to the nature of natural hair, it has the tendency of looking dull. To some people,  this might seem like the hair is dry and un-moisturized, when in fact, it is not. Here are three tips on how I improve the shine in my children's natural hair.
Aloe Vera Juice Rinse
Aloe Vera Juice is a great moisturizer when used in the right way. I find that when we use it as a final rinse during wash day, it helps lay our hair cuticles,  which promotes shine. In addition, adding a little Aloe Vera juice in your spritz bottle will help in keeping your child's hair moisturized during the week. Remember to follow up by sealing in the moisture.
Hot Oil Treatment
Hot oil treatments comprises of mixing some penetrating oils such as Extra Virgin Olive oil and coconut oil in a small application bottle and placing it in a bowl of hot water. When the oil is warm (not scorching hot), apply all over the hair. Cover the hair with plastic cap and leave on for 30 mins. After that proceed with your regular wash routine. Not only will the hair have improved shine, but, it will also have incredible shine.
Doing the LCO or LOCO method
When moisturizing your child's natural hair,  long lasting moisture is achieved by layering products.  In most cases,  doing the LOC method works well. The LOC method is spritzing hair with water, applying oil and then a moisturizing cream. However, using oil as the last step provides more shine to the hair then when creme is used. In this case, one of the best oil to use is castor oil. This is a thicker form of oil that can be thinned by adding other lighter oils like extra virgin olive oil or even sweet almond oil.
For video tutorials on all the steps mentioned above, visit Discoveringnatural channel.


  1. Blessings and thanks for the tips.

  2. Am doing the aloe vera treatment and keeping my fingers crossed. I really want a head of shinning hair for my baby. It tends to look dull even after i moisturise with oil and shea butter.


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