Hair Growth Supplements for Natural Hair?

Hello Naturalistas,

How are you? Kinks and all? I got a question from a naturalista last week and I decided to address this here. 

In her words ¨ My hair is growing too slowly. Someone recommended *** or ***. What do you think?¨

I know this is legit concern that most of us have, so I decided to say what I think here to benefit more people.

My first answer will be a big NO, don't take it. I decided to put sentiments aside and do small research about it, I will spare you all the vitamins and science long story. I found a few things;

If your hair is not growing, I think it's your fault. You're trying to supplement for vitamins that you can get from a balanced diet. The truth is that Hair grows however slowly, it grows. There are some facts about your hair that will help change things.

So, after the research, I would still say NO but this time a more informed one, because I read recounts of people with bad experiences with these supplements but your body may react differently to it. There is a probability of side effects which I don't think any wants to deal with, but to be on the safe side, I think before you take any supplement, speak with a doctor to be sure that it is good for you and won't cause any side effects for your system.

But there are a few links we have on Hair Growth that should help you,

¨Help! My hair is not growing¨ 
A simple Hair growth and retention regimen 
9 reasons why your hair is probably not growing 
10 cardinal rules for growing long and healthier hair

Supplements can't supplement for a bad diet.
Be patient and the hair will grow!


  1. Hair supplements and Vitamin supplements are useful for when one does not take a balanced diet for one reason or the order.

    If one's body is not lacking in the nutrient one is trying to supplement with, the supplement will most likely have no extra effect on the hair growth..

    Overdose on some kinds of vitamins is extremely dangerous for the body, especially Vitamin A and D.

    In my own opinion, I think we should concentrate on eating a well-balance diet, and avoid the mechanical damage that actually leads to lack of hair retention. The links in the post are quite useful.

  2. Thanks for the infor, i had tried it once though n noticed some improvements on my skin, hair n nails.

  3. I don't like drugs of any kind even vitamin supplements.
    Plus, I've heard about side effects like break outs from taking these hair vitamin. Thanks for the info.

  4. I agree with AN hair products' above comment. Only if your diet is lacking, at which point you should improve your diet (preferably), or supplement it before/if it causes a pathology. Definitely see your doctor.
    Indiscriminate use can lead to dangerous overdose.


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