Stress Bumps and avoiding Traction-alopecia

Hello Naturalistas,

I recently (Monday lastweek to be exact) put my hair in a 'protective style' which between is not exactly protective because its doing more harm to my hair than good but that's talk for another day. With the usual culture of these hair stylist of pulling your hair toooo tight mine wasn't an exception. I noticed the stress bumps not at the front of my hair but at the back, which started itching after a couple of days, it's not pretty. 

I have since learnt that this is the early signs of Traction alopecia (I am not even sure I know how to pronounce it right) but lets forget the big big grammer... 

...Hair loss
Na from clap.....
So, What is Traction Alopecia? its a type of hair loss that results when tension is applied to hair for a prolonged period of time. Traction alopecia is caused by cosmetic hair stress. Styles that frequently pull the hair back tightly in one direction, such as braids, twists, locs, weaves, and cornrows, are the most common traction alopecia instigators. Hair accessories like headbands are also major traction alopecia culprits. Chemical relaxer products and excessive heat use can also encourage traction alopecia. Individuals who frequently part their hair in the same orientation can also trigger a widening of the part which is related to traction alopecia.

....He dey enter dance! 

Early signs start with the formation of tiny stress bumps on the scalp/right around the edges. Scalp irritation and mild swelling.

What to do to avoid it? 

Stop going to the salon -____- Those people are not nice haba. Or if you can afford it go to all these new natural hair salons, the only one I can vouch for is Onaturals. Atleast you know they understand the implication of pulling your hair on too tight and they won't complain over your hair through out for your hair being 'virgin hair'.

Also, when you are styling yourself in the bit to get that all sleek hairstyle avoid pulling your hair on too tight, it's not a one time thing but when you keep doing it over time your hair starts thinning out.

If you hair has started thinning... All hope is not lost...
Over the week, I have been moisturising the back of my head and also using olive oil which has reduced the itching.
You can also go through our archives for how to regrow your edges 

Remember, Na from clap he dey enter dance. ;)


  1. Saloons re evil!!! My experience in November is too long to narrate, let's just say I won't be visiting the saloon anytime soon.

  2. That's how one of them wanted to give me migranes and kept saying don't worry, when I finish, the pain will stop. I removed the braids two days later.


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