Tips for your Natural Hair during the Harmattan

Hello Naturalistas,

The season is upon us people. I came out of my house yesterday and all the fog and dryness in the hair... Ish! I am not exactly a big fan of this time of the year, the dryness is on of the things that damaged my hair when I was in the North, and we know the number 1 natural hair enemy is dryness. I didn't know then... Now, I know better.

Here's how I think we can protect our hair during this season,

Deal with the dust; People often go for the obvious and say moisturise but they forget that with the season comes alot of dust. Dust can clog up your pores and cause scalp irritation. If you are like me and you live in an environment that 'they' have decided not to finish the road project 'they' started at the beginning of the year, this is for you.

- Cover your hair when you are leaving your home till where you know its safe - That's if you are a bus jumper or like me, a keke jumper.

- If you are not going to be covering your hair, know its going to get dirty faster and you would need to increase your wash days, if you wash once in 2 weeks regularly now you'd want to wash every week. All that 'moisture' be attracting dust.

Tuck your hair away; Put in a protective style let us call it 'Christmas hair' that would be a very good excuse right? also know you can also care for your hair while in a protective style 

And while you are tucking your hair away don't forget to do the needful;

- Deep condition your hair and treat often - Here's how to do a deep conditioning on your hair
- Water is your friend, not just applying on your hair also alot of drinking
-  Keep your satin scarf close, your spray bottle closer. but what is in your spray bottle though?

what other ways have you been protecting your hair from this weather?


  1. Gurl, I am wigging it out during the day, and GHGing at night.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. Good old two strand twists (kept in for 2-3 weeks at a time, no extensions) work for me. For christmas I'll be fro-ing out my 4c hair out for an entire week (it's really not as damaging as it sounds.) I really just want to enjoy my new length- somewhere between Collar Bone Length and Arm Pit Length; and lovin' it! I am going to start my wig game next year though. #hairlengthgoals

  3. Christmas Hair baby..
    No time.


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