DIY Whipped Shea Butter for Natural Hair

Last week, I tried something I had been looking forward to all year; the whipped shea butter. Like everyone else, shea butter has been my staple product even before my natural hair journey began so it was only right to slip it in.

So I made some research and picked a day. It's one of those surprisingly easy things to do with little ingredients. I actually made two batches with different ingredients; you know to test the waters. You can tweak it as you like as long as shea butter is the main ingredient.

The first batch contained:

1) Shea butter
2) Coconut oil
3) Extra Virgin Olive oil
4) Sweet Almond oil
And I made a mistake of adding water.

Whipped Shea butter does not need water or any perishable item.

While the second had;
1) Shea butter
2) Coconut oil
3) Glycerine
4) Aloe Vera Gel.

The quantity of oils depends on the quantity of shea butter in use. As I didn't make use of any measuring instrument, I basically eyeballed the quantities I needed.


1) Melt raw shea butter over a bowl /pot of water. I tried to avoid heat so as not to kill it's properties.

2) Add your oils and leave the liquid shea butter and oils to solidify. Some people keep theirs in the fridge to hasten the process.

3) After a while, you'd see that the liquid has become semi-solid. Pour into a hand mixer and whip continuously in a high frequency. In the absence of a hand mixer, you can use a blender or improvise with an egg whisker.

4) Whip until fluffy. You should have a creamy consistency depending on the quantity of oil you use.

5) Store in a cool dry place under room temperature. You don't want it melting or grainy.

Fun Fact: Shea butter has a shell life of 12-24 months.

Has anyone tried whipping shea butter before? Which ingredients did you use and what was the results?

Love, kinks and knots.



  1. Nice. I'm making mine this weekend, but adding essential oils (for scent) and Vitamin E oil (which I read is a preservative). I want mine as a body butter though.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. I make mine with Honey, Castor oil, Olive Oil, Rosemary, and Lavender and Tea Tree oil. I use mine as a body butter and hair butter. Saves me tons of cash on buying seperate stuff

  3. I love whipped shea butter. I added vanilla essence to my last batch to mask the smell of the palm kernel oil I added.
    I've been adding water to mine though, without any problems. I just like how much lighter it becomes, and I make in smaller batches than the ones pictured

  4. Looks yummy. I love whipped shea butter. I added vanilla essence to my last batch to mask the smell of palm kernel oil and it was lovely.
    I always add water though, without any problems. I just like how much lighter it becomes and I make in smaller batches than pictured

  5. Please I would like to buy the Vitamin E oil in naija?

  6. I whipped mine some weeks back and mistakenly forgot it in my car. Due to the heat it turned liquid, solidify and became grainy after i kept it under a shade.
    Am still using it.

  7. I tried to concort whipped Shea butter a while ago and I added orishirishi to it. (I don't remember all the ingredients, I just know I did the most).
    my concoction started misbehaving after some days. (it spoilt)

    key learnings: if you are adding perishable products to this please refrigerate before your bed room turns to chemistry lab.

  8. I shall do mine tomorrow but if I put in a blender, won't it be messy taking it out?


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