Real Life Natural Hair Talks: What stood out for you?

Hi Naturalistas
As we are gearing up to draw the curtains for another year, I just want to take us on a little trip down memory lane. We had some good, some bad, and even some very ugly experiences. We may not be able to collect them all because it might take a whole year, counting on the ones recorded on here alone. However, I decided that it'd help to look at the great parts. So the big question today is: What was the best part of your hair journey this year?

Like I usually do, I will go first.
For me, I especially loved how I was more relaxed with my hair this year. It wasn't deliberate. It is just the fact that I had a lot on my plate that it was easier for me to decide not to worry so much about my hair. Because of this, I looked for a lot of short cuts that can help me get the essential requirements for my hair within the most minimal time possible. I liked the fact that I concentrated more on trying to ensure that my hair was just healthy as opposed to worrying about length which gave me a lot of freedom. It is something I have really learnt from. Even though I write hair goals and try to pursue them in years to come, I will try to find easy ways to make things work and keep it moving as opposed to long processes that keep me more worried about how I intend to make them work.

And it is a wrap for me this year.
See y'all in 2015!

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  1. I don't know that anything in particular about my hair stood out to me. Around me though, like my post on Friday noted, I noticed more and more natural hair brides. I even saw 2 new pictures from this past weekend.

    1. It is so so nice to see natural hair brides everywhere

  2. This year, I eased on the twists, and wore my hair out more than half of the time. I also didn't fuss about my hair this year.

  3. I didn't give into the pressure (trust me it was a lot) from friends and family. I wore my natural hair without any extensions for my wedding, just God given hair.


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