My Child's Natural Hair is Damaged, What Can I Do?

By DiscoveringNatural
A mother wrote to me, asking desperately how to care for her child's damaged natural hair. The child's hair was breaking frequently and always felt dry.  She also wanted to know how to create a healthy hair regimen for her child.

Here is my response.

When it comes to natural hair, the most important thing is to know that our hair LOVES moisture. In addition to that, having a great balance between Moisture and Protein also helps. When creating a regimen, it is important to incorporate these factors in it.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

(1) How often are you moisturizing her hair?
(2) Do you deep condition her hair?
(3) How long are you keeping her hair in styles?
(4) When you wash her hair, are you properly cleansing her scalp?
(5) How do you protect her hair when she goes to bed? 

A basic regimen will constitute of a daily routine, night routine, weekly routine, and monthly routine. Watch this to learn more:

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