My Aphogee 2-Step Protein Treatment Experience

While visiting my sister a couple of weeks ago, I ventured into her hair products closet as she is a big product junkie! She's very well versed in all the hair lingo, is regular with her hair care regimen, etc. All this with me not knowing whether she's transitioning or stretching her relaxer. Whatever it is, the point is that she's serious about healthy hair. As I'm not anywhere near being a product junkie, it was refreshing to see different products that I would not normally have tried out. Because my hair's been breaking a little bit, we decided that I should do a protein treatment, using the Aphogee 2-step products.

aphogee, organix, ors

My hair was in big cornrows prior to starting the treatment.
natural hair, wash day

natural hair regimen

 Which were promptly loosened...

wash day, natural hair
Natural Hair Forest :p

natural hair, wash day

And then detangled and washed...
wash day, natural hair regimen

Afterwards, I saturated my hair with the 2-step protein treatment. The smell is a little weird, but it wasn't too bad. I left it in the hair for about 30 minutes, during which the hair dried and hardened. It's recommended that you don't manipulate the hair during this phase, as the hair can easily break off.

natural hair, protein treatment, aphogee

natural hair, aphogee, protein treatment

Afterwards, I rinsed off the treatment very carefully and completely, and then applied Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer. You need to apply moisturizing products after a protein treatment, because that much protein hardens your hair and causes it to lose moisture. After 5 minutes, I rinsed off the Moisturizer and proceeded to deep condition the hair for about 15 minutes (forgot to take pictures). Finally, I rinsed the DC out, and put my hair back in twists.

natural hair twists

My hair immediately felt stronger after the treatment. I haven't noticed as much breakage or shedding as I did prior to the treatment. But then again, I've mostly kept my hair in twists and hidden under a wig. I have washed the hair once  though, and I barely remember any hair falling in the shower.

I think I may incorporate this into my regimen every other month. Have any of you tried this protein treatment on your natural hair, and what were your results?

Berry Dakara.


  1. lol at your statement natural hair forest.
    I haven't done this treatment, but i did a hard protein treatment with just eggs which i followed up with a moisturising dc and i was impressed with the result.
    Prior to that i was experiencing lots of breakage and shedding.

  2. I always wondered about strong protein treatments like Aphogee and natural hair. Thanks for this one Berry, me likey.


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