Mane matters; Hairsolutions in 2015

Hello Naturalistas,

It's the last day of the year 2014!! Whoop!! It was an exciting time this year meeting alot of you mostly online and those I met offline.

Trying to do a re-cap of the purpose of Mane-matters. The column is to bring everyday naturalistas your way to see the struggles they have with maintaining their hair, what has worked for them and what hasn't and to share their ideas of what natural hair means to them.  I really do hope that you all enjoy this as much as I enjoy compiling them together?

So far this is what everyday naturalistas are saying;

I wish I researched before cutting my hair
I have been transitioning for 13 months
I have trimmed my hair 4 times in less than 2 years
Shrinkage is the best part of Natural hair for me
I shaved all of my hair
My biggest fear was I would look like a boy
I just couldn't get the perfect afro fixed, so I grew mine
I do not regret going natural
I hate going to the salon
I am learning that shrinkage means healthy hair

We've also had to do hair journey in pictures, then there was a silly attempt at Mane matters on the street but its not like anyone(atleast not me x_x) will stand with a camera on the street waiting for naturalistas to pass by right? right??
We also have a collection of our Archives if that is what will interest you ;)

 It indeed has been exciting. I am hoping more people will want to get featured as we keep growing. Thank you for being a part of the column and always coming back to African Naturalistas.

And if you've not been featured and you're ready for us in 2015 make sure you read the guidelines and shoot me an email, also if there are any ideas too those are welcome as well.

Cheers to 2014 and Lets have an amazing 2015!!!

One quick hair picture from me ;) 
Oh! What are your Hairsolutions for 2015? Wanna share? We're listening!! :) 


  1. Mane Matters really came a long way in 2014. We hope for better in 2015. Well done.

  2. Hi im about starting my natural hair journey.havent retouched my hair in 5 months.please i need do i go about serious about goin i have to cut d entire hair?what products can i use.please help

    1. You don't have to cut it all if you don't want to. You can trim periodically until all the relaxed ends are off. Just be sure to put your hair in protective styles.

      And you can use... AFRICAN NATURALISTAS products!!! See the store here


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