¨I've been transitioning for 13 Months¨ Mane matters with Sandra N.U.

Hello Naturalistas, 

I am sure most of you know sandra, I 'met' her during the blogger garden party a while back. I didn't get the chance to talk to her but I admired her hair, so I went to her blog and knew I had to bring her here  to share her secret :) You can check out her blog for more real-life transitioning journey here
Meet Sandra.

AN: Can you tell us who you are and what you do?Hello! My name is Sandra, I'm a doctor and a blogger.

AN: What's your thoughts about natural hair?
I think natural hair is unbelievable- I've never seen anything start conversations like it does, even with the most unlikely people. It is bold and beautiful and you will get noticed, like it or not. The best thing is it comes out of your head that awesome. No burns or tears.

AN: Why did you decide to go natural?I was natural up until senior secondary school because my mum wasn't having any of that relaxer business until I pestered her to frustration. Relaxing my hair wasn't meant to be a permanent change, I loved my natural hair but I just wanted to escape shrinkage. Once I did it, all I heard was I would have to cut it to get my natural hair back so I kept it relaxed. I decided to go natural when I researched and saw that there was another way.
relaxed hair

AN: Did you do a BC or you transitioned?I'm transitioning. My mum is so happy, she never wants me to cut my hair.

AN: How long have you been transitioning?It's 13 months now! Sometimes I can't believe it
using thread to stretch

AN: What is your transitioning experience like? It's guns and roses: there are times I fight the usual two-texture battle and I'm at a loss. Otherwise it's a steamy romance and I can't keep my hands out of my hair.

AN: I know alot of people complain about managing 2 textures and cut it almost immediately, how have you managed that? Blending the textures. It's the golden rule for me. Either I stretch out the new growth to blend more with the relaxed ends, or I do curly styles- braidouts, flexi rod sets, bantu knot outs to help the relaxed ends blend more with the fiercer natural new growth.

AN: Do you have a regimen you stick to? What is it like?Yes I do. I deep condition and wash weekly, and I dry in twists to help with stretching. I moisturise and seal daily (ok I may skip some days), sleep with my hair in a satin scarf and protective style between wash days. This far into my transition and with my schedule, two-strand twists are keeping me happy. When I have time to fuss with my hair- up-do's. That's my basic regimen. Once in a while I'll spice things up with an ayurvedic treatment or a clay masque or some other homemade stuff. No direct heat ever. I don't even own those tools.

AN: What are you must have accessories and hair product?Bobby pins. They are an essential need: food, water, bobby pins.
Conditioner is a must-have. I recently did a product overhaul so no holy grail product until I can assess how well they work.

AN: Any negative comments on your hair? I did a braidout one time and someone told me I forgot to comb my hair. Ouch...
I also get a lot of "hmm! So you too you're going natural. WHY? Your relaxed hair was so nice". And some imply I'm just doing it because it's "IN" now.
Someone saw my relaxed hair pics and threatened me with a hot comb. Lol. I love the weight and thickness my hair now has so I'm deaf to all this. I could never rock two-strand twists while fully relaxed, they just weren't half as nice and full and thick.
The same people admire all the things I'm able to do with my hair though, and I get more compliments than negative comments. 

AN: Any fears about the BC?Oh yes. A big yes. I've never had a haircut (trims don't count) so I have no idea what I would look like and I'm not that curious about finding out. I've mad respect for those girls that are bold enough.

AN: What mistake did you make that you would encourage new transitioners not to make?Initially I combed every wash day the same way I combed my fully relaxed hair. Nuh-uh. Breakage city. My regimen is now comb-free but it doesn't have to be that radical for everyone. Just realise that while you still have some relaxed hair, you can't treat it the same way, it'll break. You can't do that relaxed-hair-sharp-sharp-2-minute vigorous combing. You have to be gentler and more patient.

Thanks for having me Tomi!

P.S: If you want to get featured kindly read this post and send an email to manematters@africanaturalistas.com with the the subject as ''Mane Matters" and you will be gotten back to. Thank you! 


  1. Isn't Sandra's hair just a beaut!?

  2. Sandra your hair is amazing.
    I cant wait to see your fully natural hair at waist length.

  3. Thank you for the kind words you guys...
    See me featured on AN :D. I've loved this blog for a long time.
    Tomi :* :*

  4. Sandra, your transition is really inspirational. I cant wait to see the curls when they are fully unleashed too.


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