Natural Hair Meet Up in Lagos - NITC9

The 9th edition of the Lagos Natural Hair meet up is finally here! It is the last one of the year, so make sure you don't miss it for anything! The theme this time is Maintaining Hair Length!

As a lot of people know, growing your hair long and keeping it long can be mutually exclusive although they really shouldn’t be. That is why we have a theme around this all important topic.

For the ladies that have locs, don’t fear, one of the presenters focuses solely on locs so you will be taken care of as well. Another presenter will be actually demo-ing styles. There will be two more presenters, so lots to expect!

The meet up is taking place at the Social Place, Lagos, the place where the very first edition took place in November 2011, and I was there, as a complete novice - I'm sure you won't believe. It is very calm and serene. No need to worry, even if the rain comes a-pouring

There will be giveaways and  product swaps (if you don’t bring your products, this does not work, so please bring those gently used products with you).

Of course, African Naturalistas will be there to make sure you get every natural hair care product of your choice.

Please, see the flyer below for more details, or go to

Lagos Natural Hair Meet Up NITC9

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