How to Detangle Your Child's Natural Hair

How to Detangle Your Child's Natural Hair
By DiscoveringNatural
When it comes to washing my children's natural hair, the part that I dread the most is the detangling part. At the beginning of learning how to care for their natural hair, I struggled with whether to detangle their hair while wet or while dry. I have come to realize that for us, the best method is to do it while damp. Not too wet and not too dry.

The most important aspect of detangling your child's hair is to have PATIENCE. Do not rush the process. Rushing only leads to breakage, tears, and frustration. Take your time.

In the video below, I show you step by step how I detangle my daughter's hair. Mind you, she is very tender-headed, and I have to be extra gentle with her. Hope these tips help you in caring for your child's natural hair. Remember, do not rush, take your time, and work in sections.

How do you detangle your child's Natural hair? Share your tips below.

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