Real life natural hair talks: Locs vs. the fro for guys

Hi Naturalistas
From my experience, I noticed that people usually have their preferences when it comes to guys keeping their hair. So the big question today is: Does it really matter how the hair is being kept?


I particularly noticed that some people would frown at locs but they don't mind a guy that keeps his hair but gets regular braids. But have we ever paused to wonder why it really matters?
What are the factors that actually fuel these preferences?
Societal norms? The look itself? Or just particular beliefs?

I know for some people it is either short hair or long hair and I have seen ladies that love them both. However, I noticed that for some, the fact that the guy doesn't have to deal with the hair every time (comb it often) makes all the difference. And for some, the most defining factor is that locs just look more masculine as opposed to afro.
When it comes to hair on guys, believe me, it can be a whole debate for days with plenty of opinions.
I would like to hear, what is your take?

P.s. I would like to particularly add this. I love to open the room for these kind of discussions because the last time I had a face to face one, it was really great. I noticed that sometimes, people do not understand the challenges that they could deal with based on their choices, but discussing them and getting other people's views helped them to better arm themselves to deal with them and even help them appreciate their choices more.

Like I always say, it is always more interesting if we get a lot of different opinions, that notwithstanding, if it is something that doesn't interest you, just move on to other posts that might interest you on the site.

Remember, to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride.  

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Please drop a comment, we want to learn from you.

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