Naturalistas at Savvy and Chic garden party

Hello Naturalistas,

We blogged about the Savvy and Chic Garden party about 2 weeks ago, and Titi won the giveaway to attend. I was privileged to attend the party, representing African Naturalistas, and it was an amazing time discussing and meeting with other bloggers.

Amazingly about 80% of the ladies there were natural and although there were many naturalistas, I still felt out of place more because I didn't know a lot of the people, I guess I am not that social. I had fun regardless.

Here are some pictures

Titi, our giveaway winner

Dabs, the lovely host

Tuke and Elizabeth 

People knew my name, but didn't know what I looked like. 

Our very own Berry [Source]


Natural Nigerian and Damilola


And guess who was still here after everyone left? 
Want to see more pictures about the party? Check here and here


  1. It was nice meeting you Tomi although we didn't get to talk much. It was fun at the party. Glad I met two contributors of AN.(u and Berry) happy new month and independence day

    1. Yes oh!! It was nice meeting you too. I still expecting a response to the email I sent you ooo ;)

  2. I didn't officially meet you but it was nice to see you and to meet Berry after reading both your posts here on AN for so long.
    I didn't know a lot of people either, guess I've been under a rock

    1. I later found out who you were and damn that name is familiar! Lol. I visited your blog, good stuff!!!

      Thanks :)

  3. Lovely pictures. This looks like it was fun :)


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