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Hey everyone,

Today I'm bringing a post from Preye who blogs at My African HAIRitage Style. I don't know how many of you follow her, but she's got a wonderful head of hair!!! I stumbled upon her post where she talked about how she grew her natural hair, and thought it would be good information to share with you, as I know a lot of us want to grow our natural hair.

She broke it down into 6 steps, which are...

  1. Detangle - you can detangle using your fingers or detangling brush or comb, during your pre-poo or DC (if you DC before washing)
  2. Cleanse/Wash - in this step, Preye washes her hair in twists, so that there's less friction applied to her hair, and she wouldn't need to use a comb or brush
  3. Condition - using a conditioner (which is rinsed off after a few minutes) or a leave-in conditioner, Preye uses this time to further detangle if need be. In this state, natural hair is more flexible.
  4. Moisturize - Using creams, butters or oils on damp hair, this step is key to locking in the moisture! You don't want dry hair which is more prone to breakage. 
  5. Protect - In this step, Preye talks about protecting your hair from environmental damage (like hard water), physical damage (like too tight braids, over manipulating the hair, using heat styling tools, etc), nutritional deficiencies (like not drinking enough water, or smoking), and chemical damage (using chemicals to process hair). See more on this here.
  6. Growth - using length retention tips such as protective styling, sleeping with a bonnet or scarf, etc
I think her post is chock full of information on growing natural hair, and I hope you do too.

You can read more about it here.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Yay!! She's back to blogging. I stalked her blog for months and no new post so I gave up. She's the one that really convinced me that nigerian hair can grow long. Sure I watched all the youtube videos and stuff but I didn't really believe till a cousin referred me to her blog.That day, I decided, sadly I couldn't manage my natural hair so I ended my transition... Someday I'll have another go at it..

    1. Hi Noelle, life happened o and still happening but thank God we are still here standing! Chei!! Give team natural a second chance and we will accept your final decision :-) xxx

  2. Ah, thanks Berry for sharing my post on here. I just stumbled on this post today! 2 years after!!

    Updated the website which seems to have affected some of the embedded links.

    Lesson 2 - Hair Growth

    Lesson 4 - How I Grew My Hair

    Have a lovely weekend. xxx


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