Six tips on how to survive watching a natural hair tutorial video

I know I sound a tad dramatic, using the word ‘survive’ in the title of this post. But you will agree with me that many times, we feel inadequate when or after watching youtube videos, or trying to follow a tutorial on youtube. They may even seem a necessary evil we can’t do without, especially if we are not so blessed with hair care skills. So here is how to go through this experience without losing our head in the process.

Focus on only what matters
Ignore the makeup, how her lips are so cute, how her earring is so fine, her skin is so fresh, her bathroom, kitchen or whatever video location is so neat. Forget all those things. They are just makeup for the video, paparazzi for the cameras. Don’t begin to feel adequate because of something that is not real. Focus on what matters, which is the hair itself.

Know your limitations.
Don’t try to achieve a style that only heat-straightened hair can achieve, using your normal natural hair. You will only get poofy version of the hair style. But if poofy is what you are gunning for, then be my guest. What I am trying to say is know what the youtuber has done to her hair before she started the tutorial, and make sure your hair is fairly in the same condition, in order to avoid disappointments.

Don’t be jealous.
So what her hair is long down to her waist, and yours looks like a foam that rat has punched holes into? So what her curl pattern is so eye-popping while your looks like the body of SpongeBob square pants. Remember that she is not your hair mate, which is why she is on youtube, and you are not, lol. What I am trying to say is that she has been on the journey for long, and if you are consistent in caring for and pampering your hair, it will end up being the envy of every eye. So instead of being jealous, focus that energy on your hair

How fun is the after party?
Wait! Hold on! So you have seen this style you like on youtube, and you can’t just wait to try it out. But pause a bit, and think. How will that hairstyle fair, once you step out of your house? What effect will humidity have on it? Will your hair suddenly go from a Tracy Ellis Ross to a Whoopi Goldberg, once it sees the light of day? How about at night time? Will that hairstyle survive the night? Are you comfortable spend two hours and 100 bobby pins on a style that will only last for 2 hours, or even 2 minutes, depending on humidity? Think before you make that decision. Remember many youtubers make up, wear beautiful earrings and dresses, shoot the video, and then that is the end. They probably just go to bed afterwards, and sleep. And later, shoot another video… maybe… I don’t know… I’m not a youtuber… I’m just saying. They don’t tell you what happens afterwards, they don’t show you the picture of the hair when they step out, how many pins or hair strands fell out of place, if the curl unravelled or did not clump again 30 minutes later. Please, consider all these before making your decision.

It will never be exact.
Now read, and read carefully. In fact, if you haven’t read anything I have written since. Read this one. You will never achieve the exact hairstyle you are trying to copy. You might be close, or even very close to achieving it, but it will never be exactly the same, so don’t shoot yourself in the foot when it happens. Your bangs might be a bit bigger or smaller, your part might be more upwards, or tilted to the right, it just will never be the same. And here is why. Your hair is different from hers, your density is different, thickness is different, your hair-parting skill is different, the shape of your head is different. Every single thing is different, unless you are her identical twin, and I bet that even if that were the case, something will still be different. So why on earth do you think you can get that same style? Don’t set yourself up for failure, please.

Feel free to switch it up.
So you have successfully almost-mimicked the style, but you aren’t just feeling the pinned-inward bang on your head, even though it looks so fabulous on her head. Feel free to take the tips out, and pin it sideways. There’s no rule that says you must copy hers in every single way. I guess that is we have our own head, so we can choose to do things our way. Who says your own version can’t even be far better than hers, and people would then look forward to you starting your own videos, because of your amazing improvisation skills?

So here it is, six tips on how to survive natural hair youtube videos. Do you have more tips? Do you watch youtube videos, or you would rather learn and fail on your own, due to your adventurous nature? Let us know what you think.

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  1. Roflmao!! @foam that rats have punched holes into! Lol. You hit the nail on the head. Focus on what matters and also look for a youtuber with hair identical to yours.

  2. Roflmao!! @foam that rats have punched holes into! Lol. You hit the nail on the head. Focus on what matters and also look for a youtuber with hair identical to yours.

  3. Very funny, I dnt watch videos anymore jare. As the spirit leads.

  4. Replies
    1. Lol. We all need to be sincere with ourselves from time to time.

  5. lol, this post is funny. I actually stopped spending too much time watching hair YT videos 2years ago, since I tend to create my own styles. I prefer to read, so I scout blogs fro fresh hair tips. I don't have a majority of the products and tools most youtubers use so it's a waste of my time watching them. It's like spending 10minutes watching a makeup tutorial only to find out you don't have 90% of the products.

  6. The most important one is when getting ready for party. My girl friend took 1 hour for her hair style.


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