"I hate going to the salon.'' Mane Matters with Uti Nwachukwu

Hello Naturalistas,

Yep! The same Uti ;) Don't ask how I got this out of him, but just enjoy the small questions I could get him to answer. And for someone that didn't know anything about me, he was very accommodating. Yes! I'm a fan ;)
AN: Can you tell us who you are and what you do?

UTI NWACHUKWU. Tv presenter, Actor, Model and events compere.

AN: What made you decide dreadlocks?

I don't know. I've always been drawn towards hair! Right from when I was a kid. I used to be fascinated by hair!! I remember always playing with my mums hair and my aunt Lilly's long hair, and just feeling relaxed inside whenever I did. Lol. Then doing chores I would also notice the strands on a mop and I remeber saying wow. This would look great on a human hahaha. Plus it seemed masculine. So I decided that I was going to grow dreads as an adult. Fast forward to 2009, Gbenro Ajibade and I became close friends! With the striking resemblance and the way he carried his locks, that gave me all the push and inner conviction I needed . So November that year, I went through a lot of life changing experiences and decided to come out new. Made a call to Gbenro and he hooked me up with the same person that helped him with his. Ken of follicles in Abuja. And the rest as they say, is history.

AN: How long have you had the dreads?

From November 2009 till now.

AN: What has your experience been?

Very easy actually. I don't fuss over my hair, contrary to how it looks. Lol. I like dreadlocks, and I like the appearance. I decided to keep my clean and not have that patched up flat dirty look. Naaa. Lol. Think MOP.... But a sexy one. Hahaha.

AN: What was/is your biggest fear about dreadlocks?

Nothing really. It's become part of my identity and even part of my selling point.  At first I thought it would smell, or fall off or be hectic to take care of. But during the first year. I squashed all the myths personally. 

AN: What are your must have product?

Ahh bees wax! Off course. That locks the new growth. I like Shea butter for maintenance and any thing that adds a shine. That shine is the secret to a healthy looking appearance.

AN: What's your hair regimen like?
Uti on set

I try to make sure I retwist/relock the hair at least once a month! But most times I end up doing it twice a month. It's pretty simple. They shampoo and wash, and while slightly, wet they twist it with beeswax. Then there's a process called ' inter locking' when the hair is twisted and a small interlocking device is used to pass the tip of the hair thru the base until it's tight. This I do once in three months. That way it looks neater and doesn't look loose at the scalp. That's why some people think they are braids. Lol.  So after this. The hair is dried, and if I choose to weave it up den I do. If not I just leave it hanging.

AN: What's most challenging for you, taking care of/keeping the dreads?

current length

I'm a dude so I hate going to the salon! Hahaha. Even to get shaved at a Barbing saloon sef de taya me.  I'm a DIY guy so I have my clippers at home. But once in a while, to get edged up properly, I visit the barbers. Cos that edged up look adds a clean appearance to your hair line when you weave the dreads. So seeing as I cannot twist my hair by myself cos it'll be so stressful on my man hands. Lol. I have no choice but to go it twisted at a natural hair salon. Put my feet up and spend sometime with the ladies. Hehehe.

Thank you for your time :)


  1. Daaaaaayuuum all this hunk of sexy is just too much for me. The locs just add the extra. Locs are gorgeous when they are clean and maintained. Very nice mane matters. Oh very nice ;-)

    1. Lol. Lukatew!

      Yes oh, clean locs, we Love too ;)

  2. Nice interview! Well done, lady!


  3. Tommie spit it out>>>>how did you get this interview????
    a DIY man??? mehn i'm loving this.
    The Beautiful Eagle

    1. LOL.. ask nicely, i might spill. :P

    2. whispers softly.....Tommie Sugar, sunshine, baby, lovely, honey, deary, pleasy telly mey howy you gotty the interviewy.........*read as it is spelt* lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    3. LOL!! ya something else. I will spill in the next mane matter.. Stay tuned :p

  4. Nice one!
    I flirt with the idea of LOCing my hair when I'm 50+; 25 years from now. Also, greying natural hair is the bomb.

    1. Lol 25 years is too far biko and its still a flirt? Ah! start the relationship now ooo :p

  5. Great interview Akibo, Atilola mentioned during her live radio interview so just checked it out

  6. See ehn, we NEED to get ASA on here!!!

    We must ooo, Tomi "pull an Uti" on her abeg,


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