Herbal Party Series: ROSE POWDER

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If you're just catching up with us, I've been posting a series on different herbs and powders that were sold and are being sold on the African Naturalistas store. (FYI quite a few are actually sold out now). I thought it would be a great idea for us to learn about the different products, so that we know what we're buying and what they're used for.

To refresh your memory, we've talked about the following:
  1. Amla
  2. Shikakai
  3. Neem
  4. Hibiscus
  5. Flaxseed,
  6. Henna

Today I'd like to go over Rose Powder, which luckily, is still available at the store.
red rose
rose powder for sale african naturalistas

According to Wikipedia, it is of the family Rosaceae, and it is a flowering plant. Rose plants are mostly native to Asia, but can be found in Africa, Europe, and North America. Roses, as we know, are typically attached to LOOOVE, and are very popular in relationships, especially around birthdays, significant occasions and most importantly, VALENTINE'S DAY. But did you know that roses can be consumed too? Ever heard of rose tea? Not only are roses good as ornamental plants, or edible, but they are also used in cosmetics - mainly as Rose Water or Rose Petal Powder (aka Gulab).

There isn't a lot of research and reviews out there for Rose Powder on natural hair, but from the little I was able to find, some of the benefits of rose powder are:
  • Softer and shinier hair, as it is a very good for conditioning.
  • Rose powder also has been reported to have anti-inflammatory properties and can help deal with mild dandruff or scalp irritations. 
Rose powder is typically mixed with water and other ayurvedic powders like henna. It's typically used as a final rinse when washing your hair. 

Remember, try new things on a small section of hair first to ensure that you don't have any negative reactions.

Have you used Rose powder on your hair before? What were the results? Don't forget that you can purchase Rose powder for a low low price at the African Naturalistas store.

Have a nice weekend!

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