5 Things you should not say to a Naturalista, in GIF

Hello Naturalistas,

How has your week been? and the kinks?

Now, because Beautiful Eagle decided to bully me ask nicely, I will quickly share the not-so-eventful way I got Uti to do the mane matter.

I know a photographer and he mentioned in passing that he was having a shoot with Uti and I jumped with glee, my first question was ¨Can you ask him some hair questions for me?¨ and he buzzes me on the day of the shoot to send my questions but I asked if I could do it myself and he obliged, asked Uti and he agreed and the rest is History ;)

I am sure that every naturalista is familiar with this, Here are 5 things that I have heard and I think should not be said to an african naturalista;

¨Did you cut your hair?'' 

For the umpteenth time: NO! It shrinks -__- 

¨How do you comb your hair like that?''

With a comb duhhh...

¨Are you going out like that?¨

Watch me *does the moon walk out of the door*

¨Can I touch your hair?¨

I meant it yesterday. NO!

¨You should go make your hair''

Oh No! you didn't!! 
Its made!

''You won't get a boyfriend, looking like that''

I have a boyfriend. 

Opps! I said 5, I couldn't help it. 

Is anyone with me? Please tell what else you think should not be said to ladies with natural hair. 


  1. I love number 5, lol. Hmm, Tomi, I have questions for you oo.

  2. ¨Are you going out like that?¨

    Watch me *does the moon walk out of the door*



  3. LMAOOOO! Hilarity for days.

    Like it's so annoying!


  4. 1, 2, 4, is so annoying and 6 is just hilarious

  5. Lol @ "can I touch it" . I'm like why, it's the same thing you have under your weave.
    Another one you should add to the list is, " you natural people are trying oh, with this your kind of hair".

  6. Are you a member of Deeper Life? , Won't you go and retouch your hair? , When are you going to retouch your hair? , Please go and make your hair? , What's with this natural hair you are carrying about?,

    1. LOL @ deeper life. I've not encountered that one before.

    2. This!!! One time I got a sermon not to join 'bad gang' cuz I fixed a weave and the lady assumed I had my hair natural for religious reasons. *sigh*

  7. lol....i asked Nicely...i need the phone numbers of all the photographers in Lagos oh but Tommie i'll need your's first :D
    Tnx for the mention:)

    1. Lol. Indeeeed.

      What numbers? Loool. Wetin you wan take am do oh? Please when you find let me know oh :p

      Come to me inbox ;)

  8. LOOOOl..the boyfriend statement was too funny!!! My mum still asks me if am going 2 leave in house ''like dat''

  9. LOL! This is so funny... no. 6 is hilarious

  10. Tomi, these are 6 things, not 5. I just counted.

  11. Lool, like this is soooo me, I really love this post, your confidence level just have to be high hence Nigerians will just kill your morals!

  12. Hahahaha. Doing the moon walk out the door got me. Nice one. Hehehehe


  13. Add Is your hair vageen (virgin)? Is this your hair dada? To the list.


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