Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 63

I’m so happy. I did my first pompadour ever this week, and I did it myself! Yes, myself! What happened was that Dimeji, along with some friends, came to pick me up for a comedy show after church. By the time they were five minutes away from my house, I was not even close to ready. I had tried to replicate one funky pomp I saw on youtube. Even though I was watching the video, I still couldn’t achieve the exact style, so I decided to improvise. By the time Dimeji was calling me to inform me that he was outside, I had pins in my right hand, and sticking out of my hair here and there.

A few hundred pins later, and a million manipulations later, I had my own version of pompadour on. I was apologising profusely to the other passengers in Dimeji’s car when I got down about 30 minutes after they had gotten to my house. Dimeji was about to rake for me, but one look at my hair silenced him. He knew, without a doubt, the real cause of my lateness.

By the time we got to the event, believe it or not, one of the red carpet interviewers walked up to me as we were queuing to enter the venue, and asked for me to be interviewed, just because of my hair. I was really shy and flattered, but Dimeji urged me to do it. by the time we were done, about five media houses had interviewed me. I really felt like a celebrity, and the interviewers were my fans as I waved to them.

And to think it was my first pomp ever. If only they knew the story behind the pomp.

As naturalistas, we struggle, especially in our closet. But really, no one has to know our secrets. We should not allow them that privilege until they join the club. When we end up looking like stars at the end, the struggle would have been worth it.

And so, here is the lesson I learnt…

As a naturalista, when someone passes a great comment about your hair…

It doesn’t matter how much lint and build-up is hiding inside

It doesn’t matter if you had to use a thousand bobby pins to hide the fly-aways, uneven lengths, and uncooperative strands

It doesn’t matter if you had to beat it into subjection with all the gels and puddings

It doesn’t matter if you had to use 20 fingers to manipulate the hair

It doesn’t matter if you spent two whole weeks to achieve a style it took your youtube idol two minutes to whip up

It doesn’t matter if you had to keep a team of 50 people waiting, just for you to get ready

It doesn’t matter if you feel the bobby pins will give way, and your hair will fall out at the first hug you get, because you are not really an expert stylist

It doesn’t matter…

Just smile and say thank you!


Your Honest Naturalista

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  1. My dear, the struggle no bi here o! People will just see ur hair and be like it's fine o. someone just told me that she wanted to go natural with her her and my response was ' you r not ready, u r not even sure u want to do it' she was surprised but i know it took me 3 years to be ready. it just needs determination and persistence.

    1. Yea, you are right about determination and persistence. But the thing is, no matter how ready you are, there are many struggles you will not even envisage until you enter the real thing. It is just like marriage, lol.

      As for me, the pros really outweigh the cons. And people with relaxed hair have their own struggles too, albeit different ones. So no matter which road you take, you will face a kind of struggle.

  2. Awwww thank you for this post. I do get frustrated sometimes and wonder if I am just cursed without a creative streak in hair matters

    1. Trust me, many people are just trying o. You are not alone at all. They watch countless youtube videos to achieve one style, lol.

  3. preach it anna! im with you! hmm only God knows how many times i have tried and failed with bantu knots and twist out but i recently discovered the p and tuck hairstyle and it really made waves when i did it. people were like wow your hair is looong and when i tell them its just about 2 years old they just mope. but i know my struggles and yes its tough but i just love my hair more daily....


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