Defining Your Natural Hair Curls With Flexi Rods

Hi ladies!

One of the easiest ways to achieve flawless defined curls without heat on your natural hair is through flexi rods or what Nigerians call, bendy rollers. As long as your hair is long enough, it's really very easy. All you need is

  • Flexi rods. Depending on your hair length
  • Leave-in conditioner/ Hair spritz
  • Shea butter
  • Gel/Curl pudding
Or whatever it is you use to moisturize and give hold

  • On a dry/damp washed and conditioned hair, apply your leave-in evenly or spray your hair with your hair spritz
  • Slather your hair with gel/curl pudding
  • Section your hair
  • Work each sections around the flexi rods until you've gone round your hair
  • Leave to dry. overnight preferably or under a dryer
  • Remove the rods
  • Style your hair as desired.

Some inspiration that might help

This is such easy, stress-free style that can last for up to a week if properly maintained.

Anyways, what do you think of flexi rods? Have you or do you use it?

What combination of products do you use for hold?

Love, kinks and knots


  1. Mm! Pretty. I thought my sister's hair wasn't long enough for flexi rods but pic no. 3 says otherwise. Challenge accepted!

  2. Am going to try this and I hope the result would be as great as what am seeing.

    1. Please do and share your pictures afterwards.

  3. They all seemed like they had relaxed hair not natural hair

    1. When you use flexi rods on straightened natural hair, this is how it looks. They are natural hair.

  4. i agree with tope, their hair looks relaxes, its too sleek to be natural hair


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