What Is The Worst Negative Hair Comment You've Ever Received?

Hi ladies!

As naturals, we have to contend on a daily basis with negative comments from people who have issues controlling their mouths.Some are downright ruthless others, just plain stupid.They have a way of inflicting us with the wrong vibes that sometimes even question our stance.  

In my church for instance, folks have a way of attacking me and my hair. In fact, early this year, one had the gut to confront me. Meanwhile, there are ladies with waist-length weaves in the same church. He made some nasty comment about my hair and makeup which was of course very modest. And I'm like, ''Excuse me, this is my natural hair'' and he's like,''I know but it's not portraying you in the right way'' I just stood staring vowing never to take him serious again.           

Recently, my mum called me a mad woman because I colored my hair that resulted in highlights. I was just looking at her. I didn't have the strength to argue. It goes on and on. I really don't understand why people can't restrain themselves. If you don't have anything pleasant to say, please reserve it. Life is hard enough. 

So tell me, what's your worst hair comment? Let's talk! 
Love,knots and kinks 


  1. My worst comment ever was from a colleague who told me I looked like Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons. I took him to one side and educated him. He hasn't commented on my hair since. That was a couple of years ago. Cheek!

  2. Funny enough I've never gotten bad comments. A few strange stares here and there but never downright rude statements.

  3. I can totally relate with you dear. At first, i felt so bad when pple say stuffs and all but now I tell it to their face 'Mind your biz'. the first time i had an encounter abt my hair was at a salon and the hairdresser asked y I dont want to relax my hair b4 braiding. She did not even wait for me to answer sef and she concluded with her other colleagues that I was S.U. it pained me o. Another one was with my friends oh. They were shocked when I started carrying my hair. One of them told me not to call her if we see one another outside as my hair looks rough. chaii see insult. Many more has happened plus those ones that have to do with stares. You are like What do this pple have to say? Why are they staring at me? Well. I don't think I care anymore tho.
    So dear Ebun, Ignoring them is the best.

  4. LOL, I have the perfect comeback to that guy from your church, but it's VERY UN-CHRISTIAN so I shall keep it to myself.

    Worst one that I got was that my hair was the reason why I was single at the time. Which was funny because a lot of guys loved it.

    1. Loool! I can never take him serious again....for that statement.


  5. One comment I got was 'is it that you don't have money to do your hair? Here's a $100'.
    Hian...like that would go a long way to purchase half of my hair products and tools. I kinda gave him a list...lol! Now...#respectfortheafro

  6. Oh and one of my well meaning friends was like I look prettier with weaves than with my hair. My comeback...'Sorry bae...I'm not bald or on my way to baldness so I don't need help in that department.'

  7. When people confront me about not liking my hair or makeup, I make it a point to tell them that their opinions are trivial. I told one woman who commented on my makeup, that she looked like a stroke victim and that she could benefit from using it. People can throw shade, but cannot take the backlash.

  8. I've had a lot of hurtful comments since I decided not to relax my hair. "Your hair looks so rough!" "What did you do to your hair?" "Hope you're not going out like that". My roommate's elder sister once called me and gave me the advice of my life and told me Ladies didn't look like 'that'. I decided to get a wig to get people off my back. The only encouragement I get is from hair blogs and pictures and the few women with natural hair I see around. *sigh* The best thing is to build up your confidence yourself and IGNORE the negative comments. People don't like it when you dare to be different.


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