My concerns about Beautiful Textures Texture Manageability System

Hello once again,

Last week, I mentioned that I would bring up this topic of Beautiful Textures Texture Manageability System. According to them, the product is for naturals who want elongated curls and also want to lengthen [loosen] a tight curl pattern. I got this description off their website, and beforehand, all I knew was that the product is supposed to temporarily straighten natural hair. By temporary, they mean 4 to 6 weeks of maintained straight hair, before it reverts to the natural, kinky texture.
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I just have a few points that I want to bring up:
  • I have a problem with the word "Manageability." To me, it's like saying that natural hair is hard to manage and so we should aspire to straighten our kinks and coils, in order to better "manage" our hair.
  • On the flip side, there ARE a lot of naturals who feel like their hair is hard to manage. Just because I've learned how to care for my hair, doesn't mean that every single natural girl (or guy) knows how to care for their hair. So the truth is, the company does have a valid point for a segment of natural haired people.
  • This product hasn't been out for a very long time, and I worry about any long-term side effects it may potentially have on product users. I'm sure the company tested the product extensively before getting approval to put it out in the market, but still. It appears that similar products (such as Brazilian Blowout) a few years ago were found to contain formaldehyde, which caused serious to severe negative effects on people.  
  • However, newer products purportedly don't contain formaldehyde and instead contain amino acids. So maybe it's safe enough?
  • I haven't tried it myself, so I can't exactly knock it. Who knows whether I'll love it if/when I try it or not? I just know that if I do decide to go for it, it'll have to be in the hands of someone I trust COMPLETELY. And it might have to be at a point where if my hair gets heat damaged, I'm ready to deal with the consequences.
  • I haven't seen any videos on the product being used on 4C hair. I've seen it on 4A/4B hair, and the reversion was pretty much a breeze. But I'd still like to see it on 4C hair. 
  • There is nothing wrong with wearing straight hair if YOU WANT TO! With this product, if it works as well as they say it does, then this is simply another style to wear your hair in. And it may in fact, help naturals achieve straight hair without having to relax it. However, I don't know about consistently doing this treatment over and over again.
What's your take on it? Do you know anyone who has tried it? Have you tried it? Would you try this product?

*For more in depth information, check out this post on The Natural Haven.*

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  1. Like you, I do have a problem with the 'texture manageability'. Why couldn't they say 'Temporary hair straightening system or reversible straightening system' then put the pictures of curly to straight to curly and we'll probably not have this feeling that using the kit is saying 'my natural hair is unmanageable'. If they did do their research they should know that that word is a sore point for someone who tries to work with her natural hair. That being said, this is a cool option for rocking straight hair without the temptation of restraightening when the hair begins to revert especially in our humid Nigerian climate. So for that I say well done.

  2. We got a package in the mail the other day! My mom will be trying it instead of getting a relaxer (my tip, when I saw a post on BGLH about it.will return with reviews!

  3. @rhurbarbsky, that is pretty nice. Do endeavor to feed us back, thanks.

  4. I was one of those happy to hear about this TMS product. In the event that my TWA doesn't get long enough for my dream wedding hairstyle, I shall just proceed to use the TMS for my wedding hair and go back to my curly 'fro afterwards. Still waiting to see all the reviews sha.


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