Real life natural hair talks: Your man and his natural hair

Hi Naturalistas
Since we are having the men grace our naturallure spotlight this period, I wanted to also dedicate this segment for the men.  I had a discussion the other day with a friend and she said she likes to admire guys with hair but she is not sure she would marry a man with big hair and all.
It had me thinking a lot. Would I really marry a guy with all that hair? 
I mean they are cute to look at, but what are the real implications?
Okay let me give y'all a second to think :) 


I think at some point I came to the conclusion that I could date a guy with big hair but not sure I want to deal with my husband fussing about bad hair days with me, lol.

You know, then you would be living together so you can see how he puts in the work to take care of it so it doesn't look unkempt and that can be quite something. 

Also, I think it also has a lot to do with the image. I think a guy with big hair doesn't really come off like a guy that takes life seriously and perhaps at a certain age, you may not be expecting that. Think about the fact that instead of thinking of other things, he's thinking about how to wash and dry his hair.

Okay, I'm thinking too much. It's just hair, right?
Gotcha! Now y'all can see that it really isn't just hair hahaha
What's your take on this? 


  1. I disagree though.. I've noticed that guys don't take hair that seriously. They wash, they comb, it grows. None of that whole finger detangling and washing in sections ish.

  2. I personally find this post odd;( and I am a long term fan and follower of this blog, and still am) why would one consider a man with natural hair unserious, but not a woman? Why isn't a woman who puts as much time and effort into her hair also considered unserious?

  3. I love haiiirrr, especially naturally textured. I have decided that my son will wear his hair in fros, and most likely, weave his hair. I would only take him to a school that allows that. God help me, and I pray my husband cooperates.

    But the irony is, I don't think I would want to marry a guy that weaves his hair, even if I want my under-teen son to weave his and wear a fro. I can do fro on guys, but when it gets to things like weaving, ponytails, relaxing, ehhmmm... next please.

    Am I operating a double standard?

    Oh well...

  4. You knw it nt every issue that requires a sexist analysis. I totally agree with the post, I CANNOT deal with a guy who has that much time for his hair. Yes he looks ridiculous and sounds unserious. While I fuss about my hair nd cry about my hair, I espect le boo to hold my hand and dry my tears, nt ask me to pass the conditioner. I can't deal pkonkwem. Sexism be damnd. Pardon me

  5. Nah I can't deal. Can't even date one, however nice they may be to look at. A crush is as far as I can go. As a woman I can fuss about hair but not him.
    Yes it's a double standard. The world is full of those. C'est la vie

  6. Oh lawdy men with hair is fun to admire but daily? For me it takes out the sex appeal when you deal with it on a daily basis. As a teenager I was obsessed with tripping for men with hair. As an adult not so much. Gorgeousness had a ponytail but cut it long before we met and I'm quick to remind him to get a hair cut. But oddly enough, I would want my toddler to sport a fro.


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