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Hi Ladies,

Hope you guys are all doing good and fine? I am here for you to make suggestions.

If you have been listening to our weekly Natural Hair 360 podcast on iTunes, you would by now, be familiar with the format we use. If not, then what are you still waiting for?

Anyway, I would like to know what topics you would love for us on the 'Discussion of the week' segment of the podcast. What topics do you want us to treat? What do you need more clarity on? What do you think has been talked about, but you still can't understand until someone discusses verbally with you?

Please, let us have your suggestions, so we can get to serve you better on the podcast.

Also, if you think there's anything you want us to the podcast in order for it to me more informative, helpful, or even more fun, let us know. We are open to changes, after all we are here to serve you.

To anyone just getting to know about our podcast, please, click here to find out more. And then head over to iTunes to subscribe, download, rate, and review. And then tell one more person about it. Please, spread the love! Thanks.

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  1. hmmmm. hearing abt it for the first time. Would subscribe and listen to them. My suggestion is a topic on what should be done when going natural from relaxed hair. Is it a big chop or transitioning?. I did a big chop but I would love to explain to other people from both sides in case I come across anyone wanting to go natural. The pros and cons in particular.


Please drop a comment, we want to learn from you.

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