Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 58

Last Saturday was my departmental meeting in church, after which I was supposed to hook up with Dimeji somewhere.

I had gone to church with my hair properly washed, conditioned, moisturized, sealed, and put up in a fro, with headband around the edges. I was really feeling myself, cos I felt I looked fly, like a natural hair celebrity. I felt the worst that could happen was that a little humidity would set in, and shrinkage would do its thing.

When I got to church, I had the usual mixed reactions I always got. Some people oohd and aahd, while some just looked at me strangely. Even my church colleague from this diary edition gave me her usual side looks, but as usual, I ignored her.

After the meeting ended, I immediately boarded a bus heading towards the direction Dimeji was, I got down from the bus, waiting to take another bus, when I suddenly heard something… loud thunder!

What? I thought the skies were clear a nanosecond ago, what could have happened? I immediately thought about my gorgeous celebrity fro, and searched my frantically for my portable umbrella. It wasn’t there. I silently cursed the voice that told me to switch bags before leaving for church.

I looked around for a bus stop with a shed. None.

Searched my bag for a disposable shower cap or plastic bag. None

Looked around for an eatery or store I could run into. None. I was basically on an express road.

Prayed and prayed for a bus to come immediately. It wasn’t answered. I don’t know if there’s a masquerade that stops the right buses from moving when it is raining.

Why do bad things happen to good people… like me? *Wails*

Crying in the rain
Let’s just say that by the time I got to Dimeji, my gorgeous fro looked like eba on one side, and the skin of a wet rat on the other. He really had a lot of tears to wipe.

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  1. Awww sorry, but on the bright side your hair got some more moisture :)

  2. And the rain scores again ... chai

  3. haahhhhhaaaaaa,still laughing,sorry o anna.

  4. loooooool you always have the perfect image for the situation loooool. I like a little drizzle for my hair but not torrential rain. ehehhehe

  5. Hehehehe! Anna sorry ehn. Eba and wer rat. Lmao!

  6. Hehehehe! Anna sorry ehn. Eba and wet rat lmao!

    1. Just keep laffing at Anna. Ya hear? Keep laffing.

  7. Lmao.....crazy funny...Berry Dakara ur posts alwys make my day

  8. lmao!!... really funny..eba


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